Friday 18 January 2019

And in the beginning ............

Yesterday the husband of  " Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom ........... Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith "  i.e.   the Christian Faith,  was involved in a bad accident.

Worries and prayers were expressed by the Ugandan-born Bishop of York, Bishop John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu.

Perhaps if Malaysia (old or new)  had a Christian Royalty,  some of her rakyat and elite might be a tad more respectful, tolerant, understanding and accommodating towards having a "Yang di Pertuan Agong" as Head of State.  Let's take more steps backwards -  to more than 61 years ago , to just about 65.

Note the unctuous deference to the British Queen in pre-independence Malaya, specifically 1953.

Supplicants from Penang

And by the way, that loyal and humble subject Dr Lee Tiang Keng plotted secession for Penang to break away from the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (Federation of Malaya) and join forces with Singapore - why kowtow to Malay Sultans?

As for Singapore:

Looking at the non-white membership of the Singapore Legislative Council, no wonder my Chinese fellow undergrads  at Singapore University mocked the title of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Ash's experience at Singapore University from the early to mid-1960s.

So, this contempt for the institution of  the  Malay monarchy has a long, long pedigree.  People like Eric Liew and Richard Chung and countless others are simply carrying on with the tradition of their forefathers.

Insults and jibes at Malay institutions, religion, culture and all things Malay will never end especially from the likes of   highly educated and well heeled "Bangsa Malaysia" ......

.....  who  contributed his thoughtfully reasoned analysis (after all, he's a university graduate) on the Agong's  resignation.  I see no need for me to repeat his masterpiece.

Besides all the others - Malays and non-Malays - baying at this  Institution of Monarchy, we have the classic, oft-repeated pecuniary rationale of   "we pay the most tax, so we have the greater say!".

Perhaps Eric and Richard and all those of their ilk might ponder on the price we pay to be  a  Rakyat  of Malaysia.   Bishop John Sentamu for example, demonstrated and expressed his loyalty and gratitude to the country that gave him succour and security and citizenship

There are after all, many other Malaysians who have made "contributions" and paid a different price for sustaining the well-being of Malaysia.

" The ethnic profile of police officers has been traditionally disproportionate compared to the national ethnic profile with a significantly higher proportion of ethnic Malays especially in the earlier decades.  However the number of casualties involving ethnic Malay police officers are statistically higher overall due in part to the high mortality rates involving the ethnic Malay community during the Malayan emergency in the 1950-1970s, and in part to the ethnic composition of the police force."
From the above Table, the Malays paid in 1,016, the Chinese 98, the Indians 27 and the Eurasians 69 - LIVES, not ringgit and cents.

You could say that those members of "Bangsa Malaysia" who eventually became today's high-rate taxpayers were given the luxury/opportunity to study, work and prosper in peace because the Malays were protecting their rice bowl.

Enough's said.

So, we can look forward to a new Malaysia pledging to undo all the mismanagement and miscreants of old Malaysia.  The past 61 years have been rubbished.

But let's learn from an old Malay poem.


Dahan ! Dahan !  kenapa bengkok ?

Sebab terhinggap burong.

Burong ! Burong !  sebab apa hinggap dahan?

Hendak melihat ikan timbul.

Ikan ! Ikan !  kenapa timbul?

Sebab ada lembu masok sungai.

Lembu !  Lembu ! kenapa masok sungai ?

Sebab ada orang memukul.

Orang !  orang ! kenapa di-pukul lembu?

Sebab lapar, hendak makan nasi.

Nasi ! nasi !  kenapa engkau mentah?

Sebab api tidak bernyala.

Api !  api !  kenapa tidak bernyala ?

Sebab kayu habis basah.

Kayu !  kayu ! kenapa habis basah ?

Sebab di-timpa hujan.

Hujan ! hujan ! kenapa engkau turun ?

Sebab di-panggil katak.

Katak !  katak !  kenapa sudah memanggil ?

Sebab haus berkehendakkan  ayer.



The bough (dahan) of this Malaysia will remain bent and crooked because the country still embraces the incompetent, stupid, arrogant and nefarious birds, fish,cows, humans, fire, firewood, rain and most of all, the cursed voracious frogs.



Anonymous said...

I thought Ah Gong meant 阿公 which means grandpa? It must have been amusing to the students that the word for grandfather sounds the same as title for head of state.

The equivalent would be Cocos Malay or South African Malay finding out their future head of state has a title that sounds like Datuk.

It may be Hokkien thing due to events happening in Singapore but we have people in Singaporean forums refer to Harry Lee as Ah Gong. Hardly the idiot type.

Fun Fact: The word for Hello in Noongar language (local Aboriginal group in Perth) is Kaya.

anak si-hamid said...

In 1960s Singapore - A simpleton, is AH GONG.

Grandfather is AH KONG.

As for Mr LKY, who am I to attribute any title to this Singapore Patriarch?

Funny, your choice of the fun word KAYA in Noongar. What is their word for White Australia Policy and dispossession? Maybe it's not really funny enough mate!!!