Monday 7 January 2019

AsH's Grove

I was taught this song during Music Class at Crescent Girls School during the late 1950s.

On 23 December last year came three visitors to grace our home.  What a soothing finale for 2018, for Ash and spouse.  Two of them, Mr Yuwrajh Durgude and Mr Charles Beale came from New York via Singapore just to "catch up with the Buchanans".  We last met Yuwrajh in May last year ........

............  but we had not seen Charlie for nearly ten years.  What a grand reunion for these two youngsters from Generation X and the septuagenarians from the post-War baby boomers.

Yuwrajh and Charlie excelled themselves as guests.  They not only belanja us for breakfasts and lunches but they also did the washing up!

From New York I only requested one Calvin and Hobbes but they brought me four.

The scarf, another gift from Mexico City makes a nice wrapper for me and for my C&H.  
By the way, I've read them all and all the rest of the C&H issues.  Any more ... please?

They had an odd Christmas with us when we went for a walk at Bukit Ampang

Lost at Bukit Ampang on Christmas Day.
I sent a local guide to look for them.

Had to give the guide a bag of peanuts for doing a good job.

And of course we must have that 'selfie' though the spouse did look a bit lost trying to understand the technology of the Smart Phone.

Yuwrajh and Charlie, do come back. Your room is waiting for you, here in KL and in Leicester.

For us, in this December good things came twice.

Two old friends who have lost touch for over 30 years, two boys from my teaching days of 1975-1977,  met on the 23rd.  I watched and listened to them exchanging tales and experiences from their
last few decades and I just felt like the most privileged teacher on this planet.

Yuwrajh and Din (and friends) forty years ago.

Din, Yuwrajh, Charlie - bless you all and your cotton socks.  Sob, sob!

Here's another song from my colonial style education days.  Very, very apt.

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Charlie Beale said...

So lovely to see you both after so long! Great company, thought-provoking conversation, and the apple pie was to die for!