Tuesday 9 July 2019


Two years ago, when I pulang ke Tanah Air from Leicester, the Malaysians I met were very voluble about the dire state of the country - what with rampant corruption, cronyism, racism, "Ketuanan Melayu",  the rising cost of living, the much-hated GST,  the kleptocrat leaders and of course Rosmah Mansor's shoes and pink diamonds: the country was going to the dogs!!!!

But what's new?  Other richer countries, with laudable records on freedom, equality, LGBT and human rights were also having problems especially those at the lower rungs of the ladder.  Low wages, benefit-cuts, a creaky NHS (National Health Service), high prices of food and other domestic goods, unaffordable houses, and 3 million immigrants from Eastern Europe  flooding their country.

We went to several Open Houses this Syawal and this time, no one wanted to talk about politics, the economy,  about life in Malaysia Baru: about unfulfilled promises, racism, "Shameless and lazy Melayu",  rising cost of food, petrol, transport etc; all the ills that plagued the people before GE 14.  We revisited the home of a Datuk, a highly-educated liberal, who, four years ago, declared that Najib Razak should be shot!  Today, he did not seem too elated and enamoured with  the downfall of his nemesis or the substitutes!   Some of those we met preferred to chat about their umrahs (past and future), about spending Ramadan in the Holy Land and of future group tours of Scandinavia to see the Aurora Borealis.  In fact the Orthodontist who was doing a root-canal job on the spouse, was telling Iain that Brexit is bad  - that Britain should remain in the European Union??!!?   Her main fear was for her property in Bayswater, London.  Tenants would be scarce (well, not as easy-peasy as before), property in London will not be able to maintain its mouth-watering prices and the Sterling is falling!  The same gripes that Malaysians were making before GE 14.

At 75, I have become even more cynical about people, politics, about my bangsa Melayu -  the nonagenarians, octogenarians, septuagenarians, sexagenarians, quinquagenarians, quadragenarians, tricenarians and vicenarians.  Even the denarians, busy with stuffing their mouths with junk food; their eyes and brains with their smartphones do not give much room for hope.  Or else I'm just an unabashed, old misanthropist - give me a a four-legged  creature or a feathered denizen of God's earth any day.

We septuagenarians tend to look back (sad and bad?) to happier days of bygone years when we had simple games to play, like collecting scraps of articles and pictures to make a scrapbook. Well, every Friday in Leicester the spouse would pop over to the Co-Op or One Stop Shop to buy the latest TV Weekly.  There are umpteen TV Channels on British TV but 80% of them are junk.

Here's a page to illustrate the 'range' of programmes.  I have specially boxed a programme from Channel 4 (which is a very liberal and 'radical' Station) which for an oldie like me I find quite repulsive and unnecessary.  But then this is what a society who spouts "Me, Me, Me " feel they have the right to express!   Malaysians too have absorbed these values and reckon that free expression is a valid human right and all barriers should be shunted aside.

Of course that programme was scheduled for way past the children's bed time.   But especially in Malay households, their children are still running around at 11 pm.

As for AsH, she  was only interested in  re-runs of Star Trek and old koboi  movies while the spouse was looking out for Documentaries and Gardening programmes.  One can see who is the more cerebral Buchanan!

But I do enjoy snipping and snapping the covers and the titles of my TV Weekly/TV Choice.  (Here I acknowledge TV Weekly/TV Choice as the sources of my Headline-captions).
Sometimes I would use some of them as a book cover for my Recipe Books.

 Book cover for my Recipe Book 8.

But I decided I could utilise some of the Headlines for illustrating postings in my Blog.


1.    Will there be any justice for Muhammad Adib bin Mohd Kassim?

Will this be the only justice that this young firefighter will get from Malaysia Baru ?   from his Tanah Air ?

This is not just a vandalism of a mural but a kick in the teeth for his death in the line of duty, his sacrifice and his family's grief and pain.  Has the untimely death of any other Malaysian, non-bumiputra or bumiputra been treated with such contempt?  Or is this a Signifier of the Brave New Malaysia?

Do you still hold to the belief that "Takkan melayu hilang dari dunia".  The Malays are too enthralled  in knocking the nails into their own coffin.  By the way the coffin was not made by Malays - they bought it from Malay dealers who were given a "special offer".





2.     This was the latest hot topic when I got back to my homeland.   "Takkan pisang berbuah dua kali!!"    Is this an example of what the Prime Minister describes as the shameless Malay (NST 13012018)  or the Malay who has no value system,  or the Malay who lacks honesty and integrity (Malaysian Insider 11092014)?




In the light of the Prime Minister's call for the Malays to unite and join PPBM - the Malays, who have had all kinds of brickbats thrown at them,  except for accusations of being gullible and self-serving - perhaps need some reminders and  context.

"Malays are not trustworthy"

b.     But I certainly agree with this view.


c.     Read:

d.     Read: 

Other than the evil of corruption, do think seriously about nepotism, monopoly (of power and wealth), re-distribution of the national wealth especially the gap between the rich and the poor, and the urban and rural denizens of Malaysia.  The issue of unity involves more than just the Malays.  The unity of Malays and non-Malays is just as crucial - a unity that is not fragmented by language and the varying facets of the education system. Simply adorning yourself with the title Anak  Malaysia or Bangsa Malaysia is a  mere cosmetic change -almost like emulating the Emperor's New Clothes.

Bersih 4 - 2015

e.    But Malays are never short of toadies or kuncu kuncu to broadcast HMV and beat the drums for Malay-bashing.

Look what the  CAT dragged in.


This time Malays (especially FELDA settlers) are compared to a 'lazy breed of cats'!   Our celebrity chef has really put a CAT among the pigeons, talking as if he is the CAT's PYJAMAS and a BARBER'S CAT to boot!

Like the Cat that just swallowed the Canary!

But never fear, there are cats and cats and cats!  There are  the PEDIGREE CATS and KUCING KURAP (ALLEY CAT) just like pedigree chefs and alley cooks.  Don't forget the various types and breed of predatory FAT CATS prowling and caterwauling in Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown and in the cities and big towns in Malaysia.

As for the rest of us benighted Malays which cat best describes us?  Is it the COPY CAT, COOL CAT, SCAREDY CAT, HELL CAT or CATTY CAT?  

HAS THE CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?  I guess that is the plight for most of our Malays.  Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi.

Nevertheless, do take comfort from this: A CAT MAY LOOK AT A KING.  A FELDA cat may have low standing but he still has his rights!

But breeding is something that other communities are very, very concerned about.

A lack of breeding!

If  Malaysia goes on having problems of breeding, too much or too little, then our TOM CATS and   KITTY CATS have to start showing more enterprise and imagination in Malaysia Baru.

Thank you IKON Chef  Wan for sounding this CAT's MEOW (which means excellent).



I don't really have much to say about Malaysia's Minister of Defence.  As an ex-teacher I would probably write the above in his Report Card.




I guess this is how a lot of (some) people feel for the Minister of Finance despite .....


But I shall always remember him for articulating such brave words in Brave New Malaysia.

WHAT YOU SEE (Malaysia's Finance Minister) IS WHAT YOU GET!  

We are indeed getting a bellyful of the MOF's 'truthful' shenanigans  with the aid of his lawyer ........

Mr T Thomas has been a busy bee, bending over backwards reforming "60 years of laws" supervising Malaysia's great REFORMATION.  Hallelujah.

Selamat pulang ke Tanah Air.

Start Yodelling Malaysians!

"Indian Love Call" SlimWhitman.