Sunday 3 September 2017

AsH coming out : out of the paperwork

This blog has been dormant, not comatose and for very good reasons.

I think these images speak for AsH's  semi-recluse life in Leicester.

1.  The Paper Chase

Paper Chase at the Hermitage - View from the Door.

Paper Chase at the Hermitage - View from the Bed.

Recluse working on paper.

The Result by mid-August - just  5% of the main task. 

Bleeding Knackered - 3rd week of August.

  2.  The Wardrobe Chase

The Clearout - the Chosen ones.
The Clearout - destined for the Charity Shops.

3.  A little heartbreak in Leicester - the demise of one of my favourite shops, and soon after the end of British Home Stores early this year!!

My favourite stop at the end of New Walk - the main pedestrian path from our abode to the City Centre.
Good-bye Fenwick , one of the most beautiful Victorian buildings in Leicester - gone are the old haunts.

However, there still remains a touch of Leicester's humour - Eh Yup me Duck!

4.  Back to the Real World.   I do not want to be baked in a Pie!

Read this today :


Red                    Singlish

Blue                   Leicester-speak

Normal               Normal-speak   

After reading the news about that pie-in-the-sky whinge from a Singaporean, I reckon I could get a good kick at a posting in normal and two demi-languages.  Here goes.

Hour Fuming. Bleeders, some on um. Note but trouble.

"I donno one. After dee aksident, everyting tebalek.  I feel dee ambulance took soo long, 30 minutes, man!"  (quote by Mr Joshua Rozario - the spokesperson for the  Singaporeans)

The ambulance from Sultanah Aminah Hospital actually took 13 minutes to get to the scene of the accident.

Aktually all dis becos of misscommunication!


They spik in Malay. lah. How to expek us to unnerstand?  We only know words like "Belapa (berapa or 'how much)?",  "kasi penoh tangki (fill up the tank)", "Ada diskaunt?".
Orso, we come to Jay Bee only to eat cheep, shopping cheep, petrol cheep and landed property very cheep!  

Cheep, oops Cheapskate huh?

Teh you the truth, we all got no medical training, so cannot tell if  Jay Bee hospital know what they are doing.  We call the media becos we want to catch the person who langga us.
We orso want to teach Sinchiaporeans how or what to do if they kena same problem in Jay Bee.  We Sinchiaporean must know, these people not like us. Dey work like don't know how.  We cannot get privilege in Jay Bee like in Sinchiapore.  

Not to worry, Singaporeans.  As for catching the ones responsible, Malaysia's Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. S Subramaniam said  " It is up to the Singaporean Government to decide on the next course of action for the Portal's (The "irresponsible" reporting."

Condolences for the passing of Justinian Tan.

There is such a fine line between justice and revenge  If the Walls of Joshua's Jericho has to be demolished, do not blow your trumpet to the media - firstly, double check the details from  for instance, the Hospital.  This applies especially for all news portals.  As they often say in Singapore,



Got to get back to my paper chase.

Tara me duck.