Tuesday 18 December 2018

Al Fatihah Muhammad Adib bin Mohd Kassim - Perwira Bangsa

They pulled you out of the Fire Engine vehicle and beat you up into a pulp.

You were treated in the best Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, where Malaysia's great and good are also treated.  But despite all their efforts and the prayers of your beloved family your battered body had very little chance.

You gave back to Malaysia and the Malays especially, their sense of pride and dignity in these difficult times when your people are being tarred and tarnished for the agenda and benefit of the opportunists looming large in the Semenanjung.

No child should depart this earth before their parents.  But your parents have given us and sacrificed their "anak yang salih", for "Nusa dan Bangsa".

Our gratitude and doa for you and for them too.

Untuk Cucu Ku Sayang ( as I am old enough at 74) .  You have lived up to ( and died for ) any parents'  aspirations for their child.   The above is a poem  'Ɓnakku Sayang ' by Dharmawijaya.

As for those snivelling and bloodthirsty cowards and their 'sponsors',  and all those involved in the Bollywood Saga of the Sri Mariamman Temple,  may they choke each day on their self-righteous hypocrisy and opportunism.

 Finally, it's quite unthinkable that the law in this country, in this Malaysia Baru would release two of the four suspects on a $2000 court bond for a deliberate attack on a member of the Subang Jaya Fire and Rescue Station's Emergency Response System (EMRS) officer who was just doing his duty.  The other two were released on police bail.


What is $2000 worth?   Osman, our road sweeper friend earned half of that in one month!! It means you can be a suspect in beating  up half-dead , any serving public officer and be released on a bond worth just two months of a road sweeper's salary.  It certainly makes no dent in the pocket of the bonder or bailor if the suspect absconds.

The Attorney General in the UK will most certainly face the ire of the British Press and public if the suspects of  such a  ferocious  attack on an Emergency Fireman are treated with kid gloves like in Malaysia.

Thursday 13 December 2018

Merak di Sangkar

I have not been active for the past two months because of commitments that take priority over everything else in AsH's domain.

But I have to get back now  because I have an apology to make to my Malay readers when 2 months ago I wrote this - out of despair.

..........  ( and sadly, maybe for the last time) the Malay Worm decided to turn.

But I am so pleased to be proved wrong, ...  and how !!!!!!!

Mingguan Malaysia 9 December 2018.   The red text is an extract from the song 'Merak DiSangkar.

It's quite astounding to look at this gathering of Malays which had been dismissed as irrelevant by Lim Guan Eng, inappropriate by Anwar Ibrahim and as for Mariam Mokhtar they're just a mob of  insecure bullies and racists!

Well, the Malays have been smeared for some time now as lazy, untrustworthy, thieves, dishonest, complacent, incompetent, ungrateful, lacking good values and ethics, not ashamed of failure etc, etc.  But at least they can put on a helluva demonstration!  And they even left the streets clean, even cleaner than before they came.

Muscular young Malay men did not indulge in cross-dressing like wearing yellow brassieres.  Malay SYTs (Sweet Young Things) did not jump up and down on the pictures of the Government's top echelons.  They have been quite good, lazy people.

Maybe they can now ask from their betters:  to quote  Gilbert O'Sullivan, from his song Nothing Rhymed;

Am I being a good boy?
Am I your pride and joy?
(Mother or Father) Please, if you're pleased,
Say I am!

Yes, AsH for one, reckons you have been good.  But you have more to learn like from this poem "Anakku Sayang" by Dharmawijaya.

Anakku Sayang by Dharmawijaya.


For years this particular CD has given me a lot of pleasure.

It contains a collection of  "lagu lagu ghazal dan Melayu Asli" but one particular ghazal by Noraliza Idris has struck a deep chord in me.  That song is 'Merak diSangkar'.

This extract is taken from the notes accompanying the CD.

I'm disappointed that I can't show (which I could before) the video without the  'distracting'  background but here it is.