Tuesday 4 June 2019

We always leave .......

The Two Idiots - Victoria Park, Spring 2019

We're Leaving Too Fast.

We always leave each other
We're leaving too fast
But when the heart hesitates
It's because love dies.

I leave my beautiful Welsh poppies.

I love poppies because they are not snobs - they will mix with all and sundry.

Poppies  are so open and friendly and here they keep the weedy ragged robin company even though the latter is living on such poor scraps of soil adjoining the shed.

The lavender is such a simple unadorned leafy plant but despite it's plainness it emits a most beautiful and unassuming scent - a favourite of mine and my mum and Zarina's mum as well.  

Despite it's gracious scent, the lavender is quite happy to keep an eye on the spider's babies, but then these little ones are well-behaved and well-disciplined.

If only there are more people like the poppies and lavender!!!!


I will wait night and day
I will wait forever
For you to come back
I will wait.

We know Comot, Socks and Rusty have been spoiled rotten by Osman at Setiawangsa  but I hope they look forward to seeing us again.  Cats are such free spirits and they will happily accept and love anyone (well, most) that is caring and kind.  They will accept ......but, mind you, they will keep their wariness.      Oh yes, they won't be taken in.     Perhaps we Malays can learn something from cats!   

Sleepy heads Comot and Rusty

Day dreaming Socks.

The leaving is difficult but arriving can be good too.


As we're in Leicester, we wish all our brothers-and-sisters-in-Islam everywhere, Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak at Victoria Park Leicester, Tuesday 4 May 2019.