Sunday 8 March 2020

The Party's Over

What shall I write? 
What shall it be?
Just two words,
Remember these?

A.  Allahyarham Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Will his family ever get the justice they deserve.   The Temple and the others involved have got what they wanted!


And when the door begins to crack, It's like a stick across your back; And when your back begins to smart; It's like a penknife in yourheart.

Here they are, after GE 14 - all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ........

Malaysia  Baru.
......... the Grand Alliance of a Brave New Malaysia .....

.......  a potpourri,  a bouquet garni, a mixed salad like Penang's popular Pasembor.

But there were rumblings underneath, of agitations like "Me next?"

But never mind, the country is now safe after after 60 years of kleptocrats ruining the country.  It's like P. Ramlee, one of the nation's finest sons coming to the rescue.

P. Ramlee had the tongkat semambu to bash the owl,  the parang kontot to clobber the jembalang belakang rumah, and the penyapu (mind you, they are new brooms, not the 60 year old ones) to chase away the syaitan dan hantu!!!

Being new and shiny and all that: they introduced these thinkers, high flyers and very, very rich brains to guide the new-born government - but for the initial confinement period only.

The selected midwive-thinkers were not quite this sort ...

Rodin's thinker and the modern thinker on the toilet.

.... but the more formidable 'Made in Malaysia' Council of Eminent Persons.  Malaysia Boleh! So can they.
Your Eminences or rather, Our Eminences.

.  With their wisdom and collective experience they will guide Malaysians into becoming cleaner and richer and freer beings,  just like in this fable.

Of course, like in most democratic institutions there are the subliminal rules like ....

Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. 

But after only 22 months, it all went pear-shaped.  It ended, according to Kadir Jasin, like a Shakespearean tragedy.  "Et tu, Brutus"

From Kadir Jasin's Blog 'The Scribe'.
 Who knows, some genius somewhere may turn this 22-month Pakatan Harapan saga into a classic Opera (to be dubbed into four languages of course) or a political pot-boiler.

It fell like a pack of cards. Some decided to jump before they were pushed.  Some made a genteel getaway.  Another scampered and bolted like a jack rabbit.  Put the right description to the following characters.

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Despite being given a 'reward' of MYR 8.2 million on 31 January 2019 .....

Remember that popular TV Series from the 1970s 'Have gun, will travel'?  This one is a case of 'Have money, will travel.'

Add caption.

Add Caption  (The Attorney-General, Tan Sri Tommy Thomas quitted on 28 February 2020)

The country is facing a very uncertain future and the plight of some of our political leaders are quite sad.

In such times, we seek solace  from our nearest and dearest.

The 7th Prime Minister received enormous support from his daughter Datin Paduka Marina and his son Datuk Mukhriz.

So did Anwar Ibrahim and the ex-DPM who were given much sustenance from their daughter Nurul Izzah Anwar.  She was not just a mere daughter of two famous politicians.  In her own right she was dubbed as Puteri Reformasi (Princess of Reform) by Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the vice-president of Amanah, a component member of Pakatan Harapan.

.....  just so zen....

For those who like me, are not au fait with this urban liberals' jargon, here's the meaning of the art of being zen from the internet.

I think I'll give this word a try.  Umm, Ummh .... . I'm afraid I can't create a zest for incorporating body and mind into a zen-state of togetherness.  But I can make use of these fables
for dispensing with illusions.

My Reality number 1.  "I'd rather be sacrificed than be eaten up by a Wolf."

Reality number 2 :  The ass is not so asinine as to be taken in by the old peasant.

So, should there be another Election, remember your choice and your reality - actually it's a Hobson's choice!  Forget about the zen.

"The party's over.  The piper must be paid."

The proverb says "He who pays the piper calls the tune."  Will the rakyat be a mere piper or will they get a chance to pick the tune?

I fear in our Tanah Pusaka  the tunes and the selectors were already decided by the British when Semenanjung Tanah Melayu became their goose that laid the golden eggs.