Wednesday 10 June 2020

Today and Tosay and RMCO

Thank you Abah Muhyiddin, Pa'Long 'Mail and Pa'Ngah Hisham.  This morning, the geriatric Dynamic Duo had the time of their life enjoying a tosay breakfast accompanied by teh tarik biasa (exquisitely brewed with tea dust) and kopi tarik kurang manis (for AsH).  To top up the celebration I bought a packet of nasi lemak (just a tiny packet) for brunch.  But I promised the spouse I shall have only an apple and papaya for lunch.

But it was not to be.  Rusty, our cat who has a stomach like a bottomless pit decided otherwise.

Rusty jumped on top of the freezer to pull down the packet and tore it apart.  I rescued it just in time!

But that's life eh?  This violation of my brunch by 12 year old (in human terms, he's 84) Rusty will be replicated by an attack on the present government by the  Absurd Axis of Tun Dr Mahathir (Party X), Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), and the DAP led by Lim Kit Siang & Son - all of whom (excepting the Son) are a bit long-in-the-tooth like dear ole Rusty and Ash of course!

From The Star yesterday.

Malaysian politics consist of a pack of shifty rogues, rascals and scalawags unashamedly ridden with hypocrisy, self-righteousness,  greed, over-lusting ambition and treachery.  But we were told that democracy and parliamentary government is good and commendable, weren't we?  Unfolding before us would be another sick tragedy that will make Shakespeare's Julius Caesar seem like a fairy tale.  I can imagine all the horse trading going on in the background, like a bunch of pimply teenagers, running rampant on high testosterone, fuelled by the invitations of all manners of pimps and whorehouses!!!


Alas, my poor Tanah Pusaka.  What is in store for you?

Perhaps we shall one day be blessed with this.  We shall have a Tun/ Tan Sri/ Datuk Seri/ Datuk/Dr /Puan/Datin Kepala Baldi to lead us to a promised land built on shifting sand.

Every democratic nation should have a Lord Buckethead.

A plea from a septuagenarian : can we, until the ravages of Covid 19 are under control keep our Abah, Pa'Long, Pa'Ngah in charge?  Can we allow our economy , the B40s, the small businesses, the schools etc etc to get on their feet before we commence on the Politicians's (and their sons') Game of Thrones.

Why does it always rain on Malaysia?

Here's to more Days of Tosay!!!! - please, please.