Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Chermin Maznah by Pakcik Agus

It was my one and only sister's birthday yesterday.  This is my tribute to her for what she has accomplished as a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, a wife, mother and grandmother.

In 1953, she received a fantastic gift of a poem written in her Autograph Book.  It was lovingly and beautifully composed by  Pakcik Agus, a Minang man and a good friend of Abah.

Cpl Jamaludin from Klang, flanked on his right and left by two Minang men.

For my sister and I, a birthday is just another day.  Our generation gave scant notice and celebration for the day we were born.  But now that we are getting closer to our eighties, we tend to reflect on what  has been.  Charlotte Bronte's statement comes close to what we feel about getting older.

AsH is not impressed by the present but the past means a lot to her.

A gap of nearly 50 years for two sisters.

More and more years under the bridge.  We now have Abah's and Emak's first, second and third generation.  We have also added two Buchanans to our clan.  What a grand family we have!

But I have to return to Pakcik Agus'  declamation -a  poignant and touching wish from the heart for the next generation.

And here he expresses the hope and expectations of parents - and especially Malay parents.

This posting is not just about Chermin Maznah by Agus Karimudin for Maznah Abdul Hamid.

Have we Malays done our duty and our best ?

"Melihat keturunan ku berjaya maju.
Habis riwayatku meninggalkan tauladan.
Jadi ikutan bangsa dan keturunanku."

Noraka  kutakuti, Sorga ku Kenang.
Ku maju dan modern, ku jaga marwahku.

That is why my memory "retains vividly those of earlier years."

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Assalam ASH. Have missed your post< hope you and yours are ok.