Friday, 2 July 2010

Report Card on Sunday's Shindig

Lely's Flat at Dover Road

Surprise, surprise, Lely can cook - and she's a good one too! As we approached her floor we could sniff the aroma of her asam pedas wafting through the door. All we had to do to locate her new flat was to follow our noses.

The proof of the cooking is in the eating. Clockwise from the bottom. Lely's plate was empty because she was kept busy topping up the food, Oi Bek - she caught the biggest, crispiest fish grrrr, Shyama - almost finishing her second? third? helping, Ruqxana - clutching her right hand to stop it moving too rapidly from hand to mouth, Irene the artist - arranging her food display before scoffing it down, AsH - spooning ladles of the asam pedas gravy to drown her rice, just the way she liked it, and finally, the girls' Uncle and the only rose among the thorns - doing a Derridean analysis of the piquancy, texture and composition of Lely's culinary Abstractions, while guzzling the sambal blacan by the spoonfuls.

Out of 10 :
Asam Pedas - 8 (room for improvement by making two pots of the stuff instead of one)
Dalcha - 8 (same problem as the above)
Fried keledek leaves - 7 (my first time in 66 years)
Fried selar kuning - 7 (not crispy enough because Oi Bek got the best piece)
Sambal blacan - 11 (must not invite Uncle the next time)
Ambience and Decor of the premises - 9 . The cool breeze was a bonus - so let's make it 10.

But Lely had one special asset that boosted her rating to ************************ - her lovely, lively and thoroughly sweet 91 year old granny, Jennifer.

The horde of greedy gourmandes then proceeded to Oi Bek's recently renovated flat at Bedok.

As you entered the flat - the sight made your heart skip a beat. No, three beats. Very sophisticated , urbane and elegant - in the design, decor and furnishing. Kudos to Oi Bek. It was worth all the headaches and heartaches.

Just one problem. Oi Bek could not locate the freezer in her super-duper, hi-tech refrigerator. The promise of HD ice-cream turned to a soggy tub of gooey cream. But never mind. The dear girl put on a spread of salmon, fresh cream, water biscuits, blue cheese, Japanese snacks and dark chocolate. We discovered later that we had eaten up the food supply meant for her boyfriend. He was going to visit her the next week.

After they had wiped the table clean, the girls abandoned Uncle to his own devices. But first they wrapped him up nice and warm - to keep him quiet.Eat your hearts out, Sean Connery and Ang Beng Hin.

The girls felt that the flat needed one dazzling modification. They recruited Irene, the only resident artist.

Irene obliged. All she had to do was to re-arrange the stickers on the glass door separating the kitchen from the dining room. That made a startling difference. Oi Bek's renovation is now complete.

What a week-end for two geriatrics! Three late nights in a row! Our waistlines and sanity were torn to shreds but who cares?

Finally, thank you to my Rainbow Band for a magical, marvellous week-end.

Thank you (in alphabetical order) Irene, Jai, Lely, Oi Bek, Ruqxana and Shyama.

P.S. When's the next invitation? This is just to keep you lot on your toes and to make sure that the high standards are maintained - especially the ahem asam pedas.


Wan Sharif said...

Some reporting I would say..
but I love the part where
"But first they wrapped him up nice and warm - to keep him quiet" the ladies seem to be very thoughtful when it came to their "sharing session"..
Very glad to know that two of you are having a great time..

ph said...

Like Wan Sharif, i too love the part you wrote about wrapping up Uncle to keep him warm and quiet..

You are most welcome again to my home and i will be happy to cook.

anak si-hamid said...

Wan Sharif and ph,
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the same part.

I must say I had great fun inserting that. Fortunately Uncle's a good sport.

Rockybru said...

Ben and Sean were having beer in a Jakarta pub while all this was taking place ...

anak si-hamid said...

That's great news Din.
Good to know the old guzzler is still in one piece.
I wonder if he can his way back?

Raden Rohaya Lopez said...

Wish I was there enjoying the good food and camaraderie. Cannot wait for the about my place next year for our Big 5 O
birthday bash? Food looks good sista,
of course PH can cook ASH...I still remember when she cook the
acar for us at Sentosa...

ph said...

Roy, wish you're here too.

Gua masak achair in Sentosa ?? i cannot remember this, the last time i made achair for the CNY reunion dinner none in the family wanted to eat them, especially Jeff my tambi.

Nowhere Man said...

Okay, I've created a group where we can gossip, catch up and talk about our ex-teachers...

Shhhh...ex- teachers are not allowed to join in and take a peek....