Saturday, 3 July 2010

Getting Away From It All - Again! (CsH)

Abang 'Long, Maznah, Maznoor and Iain

We were already feeling decrepit 15 years ago.

10 grandchidren later, my sister and brother-in-law felt like recapturing those carefree days.

After the last wild week-end in Singapore, we also yearned to travel in the same direction.

So tomorrow, the four OAPs will be heading for the hills, for Cameron Highlands. To all and sundry we will be incommunicado until Thursday.

Especially for Maria and Hidayah you will be chasing your tails looking after your little horrors - while Tok Wan and Tok Bah will be charging their batteries.

Uncle and Auntie Teech hope to find the fountain of youth up in the hills before the Rainbow Band turn up at our wigwam for their Reunion in 3 weeks' time.

Try to be good, every one. See you all in a week's time.


Wan Sharif said...

Have a good break -charging your battery; hope you enjoy the hill and find that elusive fountain of youth

ph said...

AsH, hope you and Uncle find the fountain of youth up there and the same goes to Abang Long and Kak Ngah - they need it to deal with Emir :)

Have a good holiday.