Friday 9 July 2010

The OAPS's Jalan-Jalan at Cameron Highlands (CsH)

It started with gazing in admiration at Mr Wong Kok Peng's compact and bountiful garden.

We may be over the hill (ha ha) but we still delight in the joy of good food. So used is my sister to feeding her brood of children and grandchildren that she did not forget to pack for us her nasi lemak, sambal ikan bilis, sliced cucumber and hard-boiled eggs for our dinner.Scrumptious!! I mean the food, not those two curmudgeons

Breakfast was made up of - Waiting for Tosay

And - Demolishing the Tosay

Other than that, the fantastic four spent their time chasing flowers and plants and .... more flowers and plants.

A visit to Taman Agroteknologi MARDI
is a must for all gardening enthusiasts. My sister's most persistent question was - "Can this grow below (i.e. in the lowlands) ?"

We came back to Kuala Lumpur with a carload of plants from Mr Wong's garden. He recognised another gardening aficionado in my sister and gave her free rein to dig up whatever seedlings she wanted. Thank you Mr Wong for not only giving us your plants but also for sharing your tips and expertise - you're a gem.

At Jalan Mentigi, Mr K. Sinnannan's house, the spouse asked and was allowed to take cuttings from this resplendently red bougainvillea.

And my sister was over the moon with her cutting of this purple hibiscus.

But this is my favourite photograph, these happy chooks in the hen-house at Jalan Mentigi.

One last look at Mr Wong's garden, and the Fab Four set out for the journey back to KL. They arrived home, tired but happy - just like the ending in a school essay titled: "An Unforgettable Journey to Cameron Highlands".

Post Script : Dear Nah and 'Bang 'Long, here's a picture for your family album.


Anonymous said...

For my first ever comment on ASH's blog, I want to remedy an omission (a deliberate one?). Our first cup of tea in Cameron Highlands tasted funny. Harun said, "Cameron Highland tea is very unusual....!"
And the reason? ASH had put in salt, instead of sugar.
... Apart from that, the trip to Cameron Highlands was a very sweet break!
Love from the Spouse.

anak si-hamid said...

To all reading the above comment,

Please ignore the tea and salt episode. It's best forgotten. After all, I do cook great spicy potatoes, kai chok, lasagne, ikan bakar etc etc . Men!!!!!

imsunnysideup said...


ph said...

AsH, there's a purple hibiscus plant near your house too, it's facing Datin Sapu Lidi's house, does it belong to her ?

Salt and tea ?? tsk tsk tsk...

Wan Sharif said...

Happy to note the fab four have good time chasing plants and flowers apart from doing justice to Nasi lemak and tosay.. ah the nice photographs..

anak si-hamid said...


You had better watch it - the next time you turn up for a perhaps salty drink.


Lu mahu gua get into trouble with the Datin ya?
Didn't you know? Salty tea is the latest al fresco drink for wannabes and yuppies. It's just that the people I was travelling with were out of touch!

Wan Sharif,
Thank you for this and the earlier comment. Cameron Highlands is such a good break and it's not too far from KL - just far enough for two pensiober-drivers.
Yes, I do love nasi lemak - my sister's version is just like what my late mother used to make .... "di mana tumpah kuah ...... "

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Kak AsH,
That statement, " Yes, I do love nasi lemak - my sister's version is just like what my late mother used to make .... "
is the reason why my house in Kl has become the rumah persinggahan for my wife siblings.. (of course.. her sick mother is with us for the same reason).
Do not get me wrong...I love this thing very much.. as I believe ..Allah permurahkan my rezeki having them at my place..

jooli said...

What a coincidence. I spent last weekend with some fabulous seasoned people: ex-Kirbyites (Kirby College, Liverpool, was once --1951-1962 -- a teacher training college). The oldest is 80++, and youngest, 68. They can be quite fun, these 60 somethings. Fortunately, the tea served was sweet. :D

Raden Rohaya Lopez said...

Nasi Lemak, who doesnt love them?
Even my aussie raised kids does! After makan their comment is, 'Mama your mild sambal is very hot but without it, there's no kick!'
One of the best picnic treats for the family, economical and nyaman

Anonymous said...

the 'ayam' story will be forgotten by our clan as it will b drowned by the 'tea of salt' saga!!
I thot ur 'last year's bus ticket' episode was good, but this is even better!

Perhaps u shd write a blog, no...a book on all ur misadventures.

Ok,ok enough....don't want to rub in too much salt :)


Mr Bojangles said...

Since we are on the subject of tea and up-spicing it with the wrong kind of granular seasoning, does anyone remember or cared to have remembered those immortal lines in "The Great Escape" by Donald 'the Forger' Pleasence that "tea without milk is so uncivilized"?


anak si-hamid said...

Dear Jooli,
You're asking for trouble. The issue of 'unsalty', sweet tea is a very touchy subject.
But you are forgiven because of your mention of lively 60 somethings.

Thank you - hope you're in good nick.

anak si-hamid said...

Hello Roy,
When you get here in 2 weeks' time can we have a taste of Aussie 'nasi lemak'?
And do your kids like 'petai' and 'sambak ikan bilis'?
It's Uncle's favourite, (hold your nose).

anak si-hamid said...

Misadventure? - what misadventures?

It was all a deliberate ploy to test (1) the alertness of the ticketing clerk at Bas TransNasional, and (2) to prove that your Abah has a delicate sense of taste - not like you lot who eat and drink a lot of junk.

The word is 'geram', not 'garam'.

anak si-hamid said...

Mr Bojangles,
Thank you.
You've hit the nail right on the head. It's nothing more than inappropriate 'granular seasoning'.
Salt, sugar, msg, bicarbonate of soda, they all look the same - it's all a matter of individual taste!

As for Pleasance's statement - that has to be taken with a pinch of salt!