Saturday, 17 July 2010


Most news of Ben has come from Din, his mate from JSS days.

Although he had, at times, communicated with the rest of the gang via their facebooks, text messages and in my blog they were only little 'peeps and winks' (his words), rather like the elusive leprechaun.

The Girls and his mate tried to get him to come for the Reunion next week-end but they now know Ben will not be able to grace and disgrace the get-together.

He had always been a cheeky sod from his schooldays. Very often he managed to make a quick getaway and fell on both feet. Call it the luck of the Baba leprechaun. But he is not as agile as he used to be. Life does that to you, Ben.

We shall miss the presence of this Baba Jendol.

This posting is to give you a message from Din, Irene, Lely, Oi Bek and Teech in three languages, that we shall make sure that one day soon, you will come back to KL, if only for a night.

That the Rainbow Band are standing by.

And regret nothing.

But not absolutely because like a ripple, our actions and inactions touch many other lives. And some of them are innocent.


ph said...

Baba Ben, gua ingat dulu at the Boon Lay flat, lu tumbok sambal blachan wearing your sunglass to prevent the chillies masuk lu punya mata.

It will be nice to see you again..

Rockybru said...

Ben memang suka bertumbuk, ph. Kat JSS dulu, selalu betul dia bertumbuk. But unclasp those fists, and Ben's a lover. Or he fancies himself to be one. Bab gua tak tahan masa disco years, Jendol kaki joget sih. Fatty bum bum dulu, dia lah hero.
Ah, those were the days.
Ben, balik jadi Malaysian lah. We need more Babas here!

Wan Sharif said...

Salam Kak AsH,
Love rien de rien song..
it remind everyone that now is durian season..
Merci bien for the three songs

ph said...

Oh yah Jendol dulu kaki joget. And both of you were acting cool like John Travolta after watching him in "Saturday Night Fever".

Din, you need another bibik to add to the population of babas in Malaysia ?

Dr.Sunny said...

baba ben chincalok ada lagi tak