Monday 3 December 2012

Broken Promises

I promised Part 2 for the next posting but I don't think I can keep to my intended plan.

Today has been a day of lost expectations.

Firstly the weatherman was hopeful for snow.  But ......

The brackish-grey sky at 9.51 looked like a potential snow sky.
.......  it was just wishful thinking because the sky turned to this at 13.39.

Leicester sky at 13.39 - white clouds and blue sky!

Secondly, being old is quite a hazardous occupation.  It has its perks. When you get old, really old in England, you are eligible for a Bus Pass that enables you to take the bus for free anywhere in the County.  You are also given GBP 200 heating allowance to keep you warm in winter.  However, with the rising cost of gas and electricity a top-up would be a big boost.  Still, it's better than nowt.

But this was one big dilemma for old AsH.  Old people are advised(?), pressured (?) to get the Flu Injection to keep away the flu  in winter.

Get yourself a flu jab - the poster at our Surgerý's window 
Should I?   For umpteen years I have evaded this because I want to avoid unnecessary 'foreign bodies' getting into my system.  But in weighing up the pros and cons I thought I had best not risk getting flu this winter.  It has been cold so far, really cold as can be seen from my additional apparel just to write this posting.  Four days ago the temperature dropped to zero.  I do wish some genius out there would invent a protective cover for cold noses. Atishooo!

Red hot gloves for cold fingers

And three days after the Jab at my system, I began to get a touch of the imported flu and so my next posting has to be put on hold (in the freezing shed).

The raw material for my next posting.

I have a frog croaking in my throat, the top of my head weighs a ton and a half (no, it's not the weight of the brain).  Maria and I had a nice long chat just 15 minutes ago and I felt a bit light-headed after that.  She has that effect on me!!  Where's the paracetamol?

But this helped me the most.  The spouse cooked banana pancake with lashings of margarine, molasses sugar and lemon juice for our lunch today.
Do you fancy this, Lely?

Starve a fever, feed a cold - says the old saying.  I expect a feed at every 3 hours interval to stave off this cold and the incipient flu.

Off for a snooze now and hopefully I can get down to serious writing soon.

When I'm 64 plus 4  ....


Awang Goneng said...

You are getting reckless in your old age. Didn't you read reports about the uselessness of flu jabs that they've been hushing up? And you are dolloping margarine into your pancake. Margarine's a killah, sistah! Try chewing cloves, it's the most powerful antioxidant in the whole wide world, and a powerful worm killer for your tummy, with many other benefits besides. OK, I know, I know, loads of Brits died in the spice isles, but they were massacred by the Dutch, not the flu. Cloves the bestest cure for the hazards of the cold, well, bar one or two, but the one or two will cost you a packet. Cloves come in handy packets and will still give you change from a £2 coin (or the coin that the Queen gave you last Maundy Thrusday). Atishoo! Bless you, Queen. I suppose you can now Phil old age creeping on your majesty.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you AG,

Ouchtishoo. Stop thumping me! Stop peppering me with your cloves. I can't afford to be living in clover. I have already suffered from lashings of margarine!

I'm not worried about worms in my tummy. It's the snakes and serpents worming their way in this world that worries me.

Anyway the spouse is in the mush-room cooking paincakes with a phil-ling of hardboiled heather handpicked in haggisland where hurricanes hardly happen. Huh!!

Great to hear from my MarMite mate. Have a pun on me at your local.

Have to stop this tomfoolery, it's getting deliculous and reckless.

Maz go now to huddle under the da de dah du - vet. I think the spouse took me to the vet instead of the doctor.

(Your reference to the Brits and the Dutch: well we had to learn about the 1642 (I think) Massacre of Amboina. It weren't the Caucasians that got massacred - it was the people and the island of Amboina and the rest of the Spice Islands!!)

Salam and bless you both

anak si-hamid said...


Excuse me, but salesmen and fortune tellers are prohibited from this Comment page.

Try your luck with the Gore-Blogs next door, to your right.

I prefer the news from Beano and Dandy.

Still, thank you for (being) trying.

Rockybru said...

You are always 32 la Ms Hamid, at least to us you are!

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Din,

Just for that, you can drop in anytime at our house for Lasagne, pachri nenas, acar ikan, cheese cake,mushroom omelette, pilau rice with smoked mackerel and sambal pedas petai ikan bilis. Howszat?

But the thought of being 32 and having to cope with you lot during your terrible teen years makes me weary. Back to the duvet again.

Be good and behave yourself or else Miss Hamid ........

Anonymous said...

get well soon AsH ;)

farHa said...

get well soon AsH :) I'll be praying for your health, inshaallah :)

anak si-hamid said...

To Anon Dec 6 4.07am and farHa,

Thank you very much for your very kind wishes.

I think the best cure for me is my sister's asam pedas ikan pari. But alas I can't just hop on the Leicester bus to get to her home at Bukit Mulia.

Take care and hope you did not catch my germs.

Anonymous said...

When you're down, just think, it could have been worse in this sweltering heat here, with the dust and the noise ( only they would call it 'music') from that Datuk Telanjang's outlet (whatever that is).


anak si-hamid said...

Hi Mus,

Thank you. Sorry for the late reply. Been having problems with our service provider.

As for the blazing heat - come over and share our fire. Take care.