Thursday 30 July 2009

Hail to Thee, Blithe Spirit

But this I know for certain that you'll come back again, that you'll come back again.And even as I promised, you'll find me waiting then,you'll find me waiting then.

Jack Marlowe is the epitome of a fine English gentleman. But more than this, he is devilishly witty, erudite and a loving warm-hearted friend.
You can't pin him down. At times he's urbane and learned. Sometimes he's cheeky and full of tricks. Most of the time he has that rogueish twinkle in his eyes!

Jack is a prolific and creative embroiderer and there have been several exhibitions of his work in Italy. Above is a picture of "the Fireworks", the embroidery, not the man with his back to you.
And here is the garden that Jack 'built'.

For he is also a landscape gardener who can reel off the botanical names of all his plants and leaves you stunned. But he has his mad moments as can be seen from his garden hat.

Like us, Jack loves cats. He used to have eight of them and now only Mab is left. He's seen below with Claude The Adored who sadly died a few months ago.

Jack Marlowe does not adopt sweet cuddly kittens, which most people prefer. For he will take into his home and his heart the abandoned, unwanted and older cats that nobody wants. Jack is special that way.
Before we knew Jack, we always thought that opera was just music sung by screeching fat ladies for the snobs and the elites. He took us under his wings and taught us to listen to the human voice in opera - the voice as a musical instrument - to appreciate its timbre, tone, pitch and articulation. Jack, do you remember listening to this on those winter evenings (and the umpteen mugs of tea) at No. 10, Oxford Avenue?

We know you're not feeling too well right now - perhaps in need of manure? This posting is just to let you know how much we love you - The Adored. I cannot say enough to thank you for what you have been to us - Our Irrepressible Optimist and dear friend.
P.S. All these photographs come by courtesy of Lely, your little tropical flower from Singapore.

And here's one for the road. And as you always say when we take leave: ANON.


Bride said...

Yes, I agree. A lovely man with a warm welcome.His plants flourish under his guidance and conversations with them. Who wouldn't flourish with a real English gentleman telling you how lovely you are and encouraging you along?
Hopefully we will get to UK again and have another visit.

pickled herring said...

i am very previliged to have received a piece of Jack's beautiful embriodery.

Get well soon Jack and i hope to see you again.