Wednesday 5 August 2009


Tsk! tsk! tsk! chided my niece Maria when I told her we did not get home until 1.30 in the morning after Putri Kama's big do on Monday 3rd August.
Oh what a night! As two OAPs (Old Age Pensioners) we felt very privileged to be part of this young crowd of bloggers - all Wild Thing(s) like in the song by the Troggs. We hoped we behaved ourselves and set them all a good example of what they can be like when they get to our age - although I somehow think they would be more badly behaved.
Thank you all for a supercalifragilisticaspialidocious evening. I wished I had done a walkabout to talk to all those who I only know by their blog names. Just as some have admitted to thinking that AsH is a man - I must confess that I didn't think Sakmongol would look like my former formidable mathematics teacher. I was terrified of him! Sorry Ariff.
Thank you Mak Andeh for making sure these two shameless night-birds got home safely and we hope to see you one Sunday for tosay at Shah Jahan.
I really would have loved you lot as my students other than that incorrigible Din. I would have appointed Putri Kama as the Head Prefect (whip supplied). Kak Teh shall be the Pretty Nerd Perfect (oops, Deputy Head Prefect) armed with a pair of can-huffs (oh dear, I mean hand-cuffs). As for Fatimah, she shall be the Chairperson of the LDDS although I would have a tough time catching her or catching up with her. Pok Ku, Uncle Som, AG, the spouse and I - we can be found in the Teachers' Common Room eating bread spread with genuine Milkmaid/Lifeguard condensed milk sprinkled with Ovaltine. As for the rest they will have to be Prefects too because as I observed from the Poco Poco, there was no particular leader to be found - it was just a beautiful mess.
Once again, thank you all, especially to Putri and better half for an unforgettable evening - from two knackered but happy ole fogies.

Finally, oh Pendekar Putri Sayang:
Langkah serentak alah sajak, sama bergerak,
Sikap gaya, alah sayang pendekar putri.
Bertepuk tangan amboi tangan tanda berani,
Tiada gentar alah sayang hai membela diri


Naz in Norway said...

Have been a silent reader all these time. I'm glad you had a good time together with the rest. Finally, I get to see you!
Take care and yes, I wish I was there too :)

anak si-hamid said...

Salam and thank you Naz.
Perhaps next time? Insyallah.
I felt warmed and comforted to get to meet this generation of brave, young Malay women - very confident, at ease with themselves and their fellow beings, male and female. They have made and are still making great contributions to their bangsa and budaya.
I hope the next younger generation after them will be able to surpass them. No hangups about being westernized or arabized - just being knowledgeable and far-sighted daughters, sisters, wives and mothers.
Then my generation can leave with peace.


Kak Masnor,

Thank you for referring to me as young.
And so glad we got to entertain you both!

Love you and Iain.

anak si-hamid said...

Aaah Ena,
You will still be young, ten years from now -the whole lot of you wild things. It's all in the heart and the head.
Keep up the good work - five out of 10. Lots more room for improvement.

mamasita said...

Such a pleasure to have met and finally get to know you.
Sakmongkol loves your entries..dia kata haa.. you baca ASH punya blog jugak ok..very he linked your blogroll to mine.

Hehe..muka macam your Maths teacher??
Well..sometimes I get terrified of him too..tak payah tunggu Maths class!hehe

Hope we'll meet again soon.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Mamasita,
It had been a real treat to meet all of you especially for Iain and I who have for a long time lived as near recluses.
I have a odd way of keeping track of blogs I follow. Some I keep in my Favourites like Rocky and Sakmongol.
I get Kak Teh from Rocky and I click on all the rest via Kak Teh's blog. I am afraid of high tech, in case it all blows up on me.
As I said earlier, it's wonderful to be able to attach faces to the blog names. I have to admit it was that fierce maths teacher that got me through my Cambridge O level maths!!
So you can look at your other half and feel inspired!!!
See you two, someday.

MA said...


It was a great pleasure and honour to have met you and your husband Iain. I have always been reading your blog silently, enjoying all those old songs long forgotten by many but reminds me of my very happy childhood.

Hope to see you again on any Sundays.

Kind regards,

Mak Andeh

anak si-hamid said...

Mak Andeh,
Thank you. Old songs always bring happy memories. We do have a date at Shah Jahan - perhaps many dates!!!

mekyam said...

like naz, i wish i was there too. :D

though i'm not a blogger, i'd have shamelessly crashed that do if i were home just for the pleasure of meeting you and all the others who have grown so familiar to me by virtue of reading their jottings daily.

i think people of your generation have huge feet, cikgu m. and i mean that most flatteringly. :D

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty AsH,
Amid the laughter(s) and incessant yakking by all, we were not properly introduced. Glad you lumped me in the "young, wild things" category too. It's not everyday that this cat turns into a human. That night was one rare occasion. purrr....purrr.....meow...

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Mekyam,
Thank you, you can gatecrash Putri's party anytime. But nevermind, you are there in spirit.I like the big feet. It's preferable to being told off as someone with itchy feet by my mother because I am always 'merayap-ing". As you are in New York, you must suffer the same syndrome.

Dear Cat-in-Sydney,
We love cats!! I have tons of cat books, cat bric-a-brac and 3 cats here in KL. So all cat-ty persons, unite!!! Furthermore - all cats are wildly mad and stay young for a long, long time.

Ms B said...


My first time leaving comment. Glad you had a great time. thank you for sharing your pic (posted in kak puteri's blog).

the combination of KT and KP definitely rocks the night. :D

mekyam said...

dear AsH,

that's such a marvellous acronym. now that i've "seen" you, it sums up aptly your neat salt&pepper self!

you are so right, i think i've been afflicted with wunderlust since quite young. way before any other type of lust. :D

tireless mom said...

Dear AsH,

I feel guilty with regrets for not being able to chat further with you. I also raise my hand being one of those who think that AsH is a man. Btw, forgies still need to let their hair down and be wild. I hope Let me attemp to spell "supercalifragilisticaspialidocious", do I get that right?

Anonymous said...


At last I get to see your photo. A right school ma'am you are.

By the way I know I got the spelling of your name right . Thanks to one of your earlier postings.

You're right. Its better then 'maznor' or any other version.

Abu Kassim

Pokku said...

It was an honour to be at the same table as you.
As for AG and I in the Teachers Room eating bread with condensed milk, regret to repeat that condensed milk has disappeared from Malaysian supermarkets. It is supplanted by the yecchy creamer.
I just found out that Ian is an accomplished artist.

Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...


bila tengok gambar mmeting ni, baru lah saya saya tau sapa anak si hamid ni....kak...u so sporting laaa...Thanks to MA ..dia ni yang kenal kan satu satu melalui YM....

Take care ok...

anak si-hamid said...

Mrs. B,
Thank you for dropping in. You know, I hate to have my photo taken becasue I always end up looking like a nerd. As for KT and KP, they didn't just rock - they sparkled like fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day.

Remember this?
"I love to go a-wandering along the mountain track,
And as I go I love to sing;
My rucksack on my back.
Valderi, valdera ........"

Dear tireless mom,
When I begin to annoy my spouse too much, he would say "get out of my hair.'I would then retort 'What hair?' It's our favourite tease. So let's forget about 'letting down our hair.'
As for your spelling, it's perfect but it's still just 7 out of 10 because your handwriting is awful.

Hello Abu Kassim,
You get 10 out of 10 for spelling my name perfectly.

Dear Pokku,
Luckily there weren't many young ones at our table. Listening to us they might think we're quite dissolute and unrepentant.
Remember this ulam? Salt wrapped in 'pucuk daun jambu batu'? My mother used to scream at me whenever I ate that. She mentioned something about how 'anak dara' should not be eating that because ...........???!!!

Kak Ezza
Salam and thank you. I'm not so sporting laaa - more masam-masam manis ha ha.