Friday, 17 July 2009

Grumpy old Woman (GOW)

Today, for the first time since we got back, I took the LRT to get to Ampang Park. As I was about to sit down on this empty seat in the train, this middle aged Malay man dressed for his Friday prayers gave me a stupid grin, barged in and took my seat!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. The young Chinese lass next to him stood up to give me her seat but I thanked her and said "I don't want to sit next to him!"

I was fuming and I knew he dared to do this because firstly I'm a woman and secondly he thought I wasn't a Malay. That is a despicable attitude on both counts. I must say I was so incensed that I missed my stop. So I got out at KLCC to go back to Ampang Park. This time when I got into the train I didn't bother to look for a seat and just stood next to the holding bar.

Then I heard a voice from behind me saying "Macik, would you like a seat?"

It was a young Malay man, dressed for his Friday prayers. I was gloriously, happily surprised but I declined and thanked him saying I was getting down at the next stop.
Just before I got out at Ampang Park, I stepped back to thank him again and we exchanged nice smiles.

When I got home I described my experience on the LRT to the spouse and I suggested to him that God must be fed up with me grumbling on the blog about these instances of Malay rudeness - so God decided to shut me up and declare, "Okay then, this middle-aged Malay gave you a hard time, so here's this courteous young Malay to make up for it. Now stop being a GOW."

Okey dokey. But I still want to write this episode in my blog.


Kak Teh said...

Ms Hamid, pls prepare KL for the return of another GOW!
OOohh, on that note lets have a GOW and GOM meet - but then our men are not that grumpy are they?

anak si-hamid said...

Hello Kak Teh, Yes we are eagerly awaiting your arrival. There's a dilemma - whether to prepare the red carpet or set up the barricades?
Ungrumpy men?...hmmmm?
Only I can wear the GOW crown. You are too cheerful and not old enough.

Look forward to seeing you both very much

Anonymous said...

Is that 1 out of many ?? Grumble more , so that the balance will tip more on your side !

By the way if the first incident ever happen again, look the opposite way and show your back side to him or just pretend to step on his feet !
Bet you he won't dare to do anything !
Try it ! I've done that to a short guy who was 'touching' one of the female passengers. Souls see his face fighting the pain !

Anonymous said...

oh....forgot to sign off just now.


that and this has been ..

darjal the cat !

Kak Teh said...

Ms Hamid, okay, only u can wear the GOW crown. I have learnt my lesson after that fight at the counter of Malaysia Hall canteen. Barricade with red carpet would be nice.

Anything you want from here? I have 36 hrs left.

Helas木村 said...

wa... Another post about LRT.... if about LRT... hehe.. sure nothing Happy entry i read. :D.. All about Attitude, long Q, Freak people, and also, "The writer" experience inside..

Youngsters today, are lack of courtesy.... especially the Malay ..haiz.. not all , still got nice youngsters... 1 of "Maybe" me maybe.. hahah (joking)

anak si-hamid said...

Darjal the Cat,
Yes, next time I shall step on his feet, but only if I'm wearing stilletos. OUCH!!!

Kak Teh,
Thank you and yes, Iain 'pesan' 10lbs of English potatos - you did ask??? It has to fill up half of your suitcase okay?
However the GOW says 'Don't you dare.'
Have a good, safe trip.

As you are only 23, you are allowed to grumble. I did encounter one nice young Malay man, so one has to be thankful for little mercies.

sicKo^ said...

i took the lrt everyday and i've seen a lot of things and learn new things as well.. some are kind-hearted but most of them really have no menace. I often seen old women & men have to stand all the way to their destinations due to lack of sensitivity among the youngsters.

p/s : i'll know that i'm old if some kids offer me their seat in the LRT...

NanaDJ said...

At least someone offered to stand up and sacrifice his seat for you. Nothing like that ever happen to me (dare I flatter myself that I do not look old enough to occupy the seats meant for the elderly?)
Would like to meet you and the GOW from London, we will have plenty of GOW talks (although Kak Teh is practically a baby compared to us!!!)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Salaaam Madam

Please accept a salam perkenalan from another GOW. I too am awaiting the return of dear Kak Teh whom I have not met for 30 years (our last meeting was in 1979). By the way, would it be too much to ask if we could have tea one of these days before you balik UK?.. Together with Kak Teh, of course..

Kak Teh said...

ooooh, I am so looking forward to a GOW meet, what with NanaDJ and Puteri Kamaliah, but of course you can be the GOW Queen! So, it is on then! I am so looking forward to this! NanaDJ and Puteri, put on your best grumpy look. I dont need much practice so I will come as I am.

anak si-hamid said...

Hello NanaD and Kama,

Lovely to see you here. Indeed I believe GOWs of the World, Unite!!
Insyallah when Kak Teh gets here, some kind of get together can be arranged.

Unknown said...

..salam...when you reached my age, being called grumpy is almost a compliment...:)