Monday, 11 March 2013


As of last week I embarked on a major project that would divert my grey matter from working its normal routine.   My plan was to ship several boxes of our stuff back to Kuala Lumpur.

Part of the loot

But today turned out to be a day full of surprises.  Yes we were warned about the change in weather  - another cold spell because of the northeast winds.  It was not only bitterly cold but sitting here in my study I observed the weather behaving like a lass who can't make up her mind as to which outfit she should be wearing.

I woke up to this at 7.25 - albeit not much to complain about.

7.25 am

Soon enough the snow disappeared,  but at 9.56 am. the sky turned grey. with promise of more of the white stuff.

9.56 am

But it changed it mind because eight minutes later  at 10.04 :
10.04 am

it turned a bright blue.

We braved the bitter cold to hobble along to Leicester Animal Rescue Charity Shop.  Skedaddled back home for scones and a cup of hot tea.  And voila! at 12.38  we were given this display.

12.38 pm

So another cuppa to warm the toes  - but  31 minutes later at 13.07 the picture changed to this.

1.07 pm

I give up!   It was just too much for this LOL  (Loopy Old Lady) to cope with.  So, she dipped into the case  packed with nonsense to give away to the grandchildren.

She then ejected the spouse away from his warm comfort zone in the kitchen  ....

....  to document his soul-mate modelling these headgear for the two five-year olds in KL,  Ilyas and Emir.
WARNING:  You may find these images distressing.

The green-eyed monster from the deep.
The red-eyed alien bug.
Clap! Clap! Clap!   The show is over.  Cheerio from a loopy Ash on this very different day.

What a difference a day made. 

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