Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Alternative Cameron Highlands

Because we are too old and weary or perhaps too kiamsiap / kedekut / parsimonious we avoided the recommended sights of this hill resort.

Instead we discovered almost similar scenes and more, without venturing too far.This is the mini strawberry 'farm' near Tanah Rata's bus station.

What a wee vegetable plot - cultivated by the roadside.

The other green view - before the tea plantation took over.

As for the Flower Gardens we found them scattered here and there. Most of them were undomesticated. Some have been planted with no pecuniary objectives in mind. Here they are in pink and white and red and yellow.

However, these tenacious plants deserve our respect!

These are also survivors of 'development and progress' - but their fates are sealed -The Beautiful Wild Orchid and the Senduduk. They will probably find themselves transported to the Plant Nurseries to be propagated and marketed for suburban gardens.

More and more the habitat of such plants and creatures of the wild will be over-run by these.This is the Three-in-One scenario

The Plastic Bag Garden

The Electric Culinary Interloper

We are supposed to be Allah's Khalifahs (Stewards), protecting and nurturing our Earth. But we have gone too far in our obsession with 'development' and self-gratification. We ravage earth's bounties and leave no room for other inhabitants of the forests or the oceans.

And I am also culpable because of my lifestyle, like seeking to escape to the cool highland forests - however much I try to leave a light footprint.


Wan Sharif said...

Malheureusement, I have to agree 120% with you on the fact we have abuse the earth's bounties in search of self-gratification. Trengganu is no longer the destination for turtles to lay their eggs, Hutan Belum (Perak)and its rivers are no longer pristine: Tigers and our anteaters(tenggiling) are almost extinct now.. to mention a few of our mismanagement.
May Allah forgive our transgressions.

ph said...

Ash, i totally agree with you on this,"We ravage earth's bounties and leave no room for other inhabitants of the forests or the oceans"

imsunnysideup said...

Lovely photos....really ! You must have enjoyed the gardens terribly !

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Wan Sharif.
Thank you. So happy to find a kindred spirit who mourns the cost of our greed.

Thank you. You love nature and you see at first hand what's happening to our natural world.

We really had a wonderful time and we're going back...yeah!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

such lovely pixs AsH, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Look forward to seeing you two again.. and this time we're going to take you to makan elsewhere.. :)

anak si-hamid said...

Puteri Kama,
Thank you. I knew you would feel the same. What are we leaving behind for the next and next generation? Clapped-out I-pods, laptop and playstation junk, disembowelled SUVs and People Carriers and Porsche etc. etc?
You must be reading my mind because I'm just about to write to you.
See you later. We're off to Tung Shin now. Salam to Pak Abu