Saturday, 15 May 2010

Up in them there Hills

We're off tomorrow to Cameron Highlands for a week - to the cool, and the forests and the quiet - maybe??

No computers, no radio, (we hardly watch TV), and this is part of our luggage.

But the grey matter also needs some stimulation and so this reading material will suffice.

As I think I am going to have such a 'cool' time up there in the hills, I am inserting this song.

Aaaahhh! If only I were taller, I could fit the bill although I do have a black dress? See you in a week's time.


imsunnysideup said...

Have a nice time ! Wish I could join with my 'ol A300. Well - I'm going up the hills too ----BUKIT BELACHAN -( can't they come up with a better name ?

ph said...

Wish i can go too but anyway have a good break !!

Helas木村 said...

Hi ASh.. HAve nice journey =)

Anonymous said...

Cameron Highlands... how lovely! It was in Cameron Highlands that I dreamt of opening a little guest house serving hot breakfast in the cool morning.

I like the stimulating "literature" you taking with you, haha! They can add on to a collection of reading materials near a fireplace in the guest house... I could go on dreaming but i have to work now. The paperwork in this job is tedious and driving me up the wall!! Wish I was in Cameron Highlands...

Hope you two are enjoying the cool evenings there! :)

ur blog reader said...

Hurrah for dandy comic!
when I saw that Dandy cover, i know I need to find it at my parent's.