Monday 8 February 2010

Chante, Chante Pour Moi

Sing, Sing For Me

It is self-indulgent and sometimes futile to ruminate too much on the past. But when you have been a teacher for over 20 years it is difficult not to recall the thousands of lives you have touched. I have been a Che'gu (Mr or Miss Teacher) for 7 years and a Miss Hamid for 2 years and a very short spell as Mrs. B in Singapore. I put on my Che'gu's hat again in Brunei for 6 1/2 years training teachers at Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Teachers' Training College. My last stint was at USM Penang when I became Puan Maznoor teaching Spoken English/Pronunciation and Critical Reading and Writing.
The latter was a subject after my own heart and I knew I gave my students a hard time. I believe that young minds can be pushed to the limit - it is just a matter of how. Above all, I felt very privileged that I was given the opportunity to stretch their minds and though they found it frustrating at times, they met the challenge and I am very proud of them.
When I left in 1993, they gave me a parting gift of a little booklet - a token of their appreciation - which contained the illustrations I have posted here. I was very, very touched and I have kept this booklet with me despite the many house-moves we have made.
I wonder what they are doing now. I hope the authorities have recognised and rewarded their capacity for serious thinking and dogged enthusiasm for hard work.

And here's a little illlustration from me for old times' sake.
Once again thank you.


Kama At-Tarawis said...

awwww.... so sweet.... and I lurrvve the feline caricature!

jooli said...

I was a student at USM (85-89; Humanities with Ed.). Miss Anne Stamford was OUR Tormentor then, giving us such challenging (and frequent) homework on tenses which only made 1% of the coursework marks. In retrospect, it has done me good, I think. And pronunciation was taped on cassettes and Miss Anne (as we used to call her) would listen to everyone's and would give comments the week after!
I guess all language teachers are slave drivers!??

Datin Jeruk said...

My Dear AsH, you're not just the best BUT D Best !