Friday 9 January 2009

Cikgu's Comment to Anonymous

hello cikgu, can you please write on whether it's safe to have a violent organisation, like hamas, as the ruling party of a neighbouring country?? I think I'm missing on a few details. Because I feel Israel is right to bring the war onto the strip after all that is happening with the muslim-branded rockets being fired randomly into their zionist land. If Hamas cared about their people, they wouldn't even think about throwing a rock over the wall anymore.
January 9, 2009 1:29 PM

I assume you're an adult, unlike the 12-17 year old kids I used to teach. As a Che'gu I would advise you to do your own reading and not shoot from the hip.
You may have a problem reading Muslim web sites and comments from Malay Muslims. So do look up sites like Counterpunch, . John Pilger and Robert Fisk are extraordinarily sharp and brilliant analysts. And of course there's Noam Chomsky - who has written many books on the the Middle East. There's one particular article by Uri Avnery, " An Apology" in Counterpunch (June 16, 2008) which I highly recommend. And by the way the last two are both Jews, though I do not see why that should matter. ANYONE who is concerned about justice should be able to separate the perpetrators from the victims.
Finally a word of advice from Teacher: People who live in glass houses should not throw powerful American-Judaeo Bombs and Rockets at people who can only throw stones and small missiles.



Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. Read up and be informed!!

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments (like the this particular one and many more on rockybru's blog), I'm amazed at the ignorance of these people on the history of the the crisis, yet they freely comment their buased and ignorant views.

They still think that this is a Muslim/Zionist problem.

Perhaps for people like these, they shold be asked to imagine a situation whereby the Government forced them to give up one of the rooms in their home so that the Indonesian/Bangladesh/Chinese/Pakistanis forigner workers can stan use it as their living quaters.


Anonymous said...

sorry about the numerous errors in my comment above. Its just that I get pissed off when I read such comments . These people make such good parrots for the zionists and american propaganda machine.


Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous 1:29

Don't you know that there is a limit to being stupid and dumb ?

Anonymous said...

Could Anonymous 1:29 be the Cleaner ??

Anonymous said...

By the way, I remember you writing about that war criminal, the ex PM of UK who murdered the children of Iraq , and who had the bloody cheek to (of course with invitation from equally ********** from our country )
Could you re-post that now cos i think its so relevant to whats happening now !



Anonymous said...

damndatblair 7.01pm

I was just thinking of that too.
So how about a re-posting of that on Blair the murderer !

I still cannot get over the fact that there are local bloody idiots who think highly of him.