Tuesday 10 January 2023

Our Cool Dude.

Din sent me this message yesterday.

"I wish I had more words to say for that beautiful man of yours, Ms Hamid."

Also yesterday, Dr Chandra Muzaffar kindly wrote this tribute to Iain Buchanan.

                           THE  PASSING  OF  IAIN  BUCHANAN  

Thank you very much Chandra.  He would have especially loved your reference to 'humane' and not just 'human' values.  More and more we both realise that most of the time humans cause a great deal of damage to the planet with their greed and ethos of profit and enterprise.  In being humane we include the protection and survival of our trees, rivers, oceans and 'all creatures great and small' but for Iain, especially trees.

Just a little slip.  He departed very quickly, of a heart attack on Sunday 8th January 2023 while we were on the way to hospital.

Early this morning , I sent this photograph to Bride, my sister-in-law in New Zealand. 

AsH  Dear Bride.  Here's Iain's final resting place with our favourite Banjaran Titiwangsa  in the far distance." 
Bride  That is a lovely setting. The one with the flowers all over it?  How are you doing Maz?  
AsH  Yes, that's  where my maddeningly 'beautiful' ole git is enjoying his snooze before his Malay tart arrives.  I am still expecting him to come downstairs, make me my coffee/tea.    (he 's a fabulous beverage manager) albeit after getting an earful of cussing and threats.  After that he will nestle in his rocking chair, gaze at the birds and tree-shrews and perhaps Mr Toad -  in his unkempt garden, then shuffle about in the chair to settle Comot and Socks on his lap, pick up the mobile and get the news and lovely pictures of  NZ from his crabby little sister.
Bride  You're back on form Maz.  Yeah! And I'll miss all those little calls asking odd questions I'd never have the answer to.  I hope you can find a new equilibrium and comfort space.
I just sent these to Keith he asked if I'd sent to you.  I have sent to Iain in the past (yes we have but he has tucked it away where I can't find it - because it's a handy tool for blackmail) but as he died on Elvis's birthday they are probably rocking' on down somewhere rather than getting on with the housework!

AsH  Cool man! Reel cool.
Bride  What a dude eh?
AsH  Indeed! Your lovable, wacky brother, my beloved pain-in-the-everywhere and soul-mate and Keith's loving dude of a Dad.

Rock on sweetheart!!! We miss you  but look out for bus number 104319 and keep the kettle on warm.

Al Fatehah.


Ritznest said...

Takziah AsH

Anonymous said...

Salam takziah to you sis, semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat. U take care too. Alfatihah.

- Hantu Siber -

Anonymous said...

I am saddened beyond words.

Uncle Ian was truly a kind hearted soul.

I will miss him.

May Allah grant him the highest Jannah.


Anonymous said...

I only remember him as a warm person. I can still see him coming down the stairs, a smile on his face and a cheerful 'Teh tarik Mus ?' or his enthusiasm as he put up all his drawings on the 4 walls of a room in Leicester for my children's comment. I remember what he said, 'I welcome your children's comment Mus. Nothing like a child's eye for details.'. That's him. He respects everybody's view - even a child's. Take care Nor.


Anonymous said...

Dear sister Maznoor,

InnalilLahi wainnailaihirojiun.

I am very sorry for your loss, my deepest sympathies.
May Allah grant your beloved the highest Jannah, and you great strength and patience.


Bride said...

Well! From one crabby sister-in-law to another ;-). Really! The cheek of it! What my poor brother had to put up with so many females around him.
But to be serious Maz, and as I’ve said before, you were the best thing that ever happened to Iain. You two were such a good unit, and your love and support saw him through many hard times. And heaven knows I know he could be frustrating!
But his talents! His writing, photography, and his incredible and detailed drawing skills. That attention to detail, it ran through everything he did it seems. Sometimes driving one crazy with more questions for accuracy, to pinpoint the very nub of the issue.
He also drove me mad when we were kids and he made toffee, when our mother was out, and wouldn’t give me any! Humph… as Pooh Bear would say. A little blip in his generous and caring ways. I do remember he used to give great birthday presents when we were young, so I will forgive him the toffee.
The many conversations, and image sharing online, have been lovely. Who am I going to send my endless sunset pictures to now!? And who are you, Maz, going to take the Mickey out of? I will also miss all the support he has given to me over the years.
Iain, you will be so deeply missed by us here in New Zealand. Farewell Big Bro. Travel well and rock on.
Arohanui. Bride

Anonymous said...

My condolences

Irene said...

Simply love the exchange between Bride and you in the post which just lightens up the spirit and warms the heart.

I will always remember the good moments with uncle Iain when we had the chance to come together with him... He was indeed a kind and beautiful soul, and oh so very talented with his drawings and writing! He was also funny with his quirky sense of humour :-)

Ms Hamid, you are so lucky to have had a wonderful soulmate in Uncle Iain.

And yes, the pictures of uncle Iain in his younger days with the guitar is the coolest thing!! :D

Take care, Ms Hamid.

Alyaniff said...

Innalillah. Semoga beliau ditempatkan dgn orang2 yg beriman. I have been following your blog for quite some time now and were shocked by your husband's passing. Wishing you a good health and all the best, insyaallah.

Anonymous said...

He was taken away unexpectedly too soon.It just wasnt the same popping over to yr house yesterday… and not seeing Iain there. Seeing his books, him sitting on his fav chair,his shoes,sandals on the stairs.. the pain you feel must seem unsurmountable.Yet beyond the grief are glimpses of 40 yrs of your memories with Iain that can never be taken away… memories that will give you the strength to plod along until you guys meet again inSyaAllah… our deepest condolence, Chris n Siti