Tuesday 1 March 2016

Humpty Dumpty in Malaysia

AsH will be going home from home in a few days' time.  Here's my mental preparation for the return to a hothouse - weatherwise and political.

When the prospects for the future of my Tanah Air seem so gruesome, perhaps I need to look back - to what we were like - or rather, how we were portrayed - way back in 1839.  In fact, the Malays were never really in charge of their own fate and their future.  But certainly, looking back to my experience of 70 years, we are masters of shooting ourselves in the foot and stabbing each other in the back.

The Malay from ......
....... a May 1839 encyclopaedia, 20 years after Singapore was 'founded' by Stamford Raffles.

According to this encyclopaedia the 'mental powers (of the Malays ) are little developed'.  Look through the old books referring to the Malays and you'll find no end of negative comments about our mental and economic prowess.  In a way it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy that has landed the Malays in their present state of disunity and cretinous infighting.

However the element of bodoh-sombong cannot be discounted.  Also some of our prominent politicians have also shamelessly added another factor : that of 'shame' for which only the Malays are guilty of. I suppose, in this post I can be accused of the same malfeasance for exposing our 'pekong di dada'.

When Humpty Dumpty fell from the wall, "All the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't put Humpty together again".  Is there a lesson to be learned from this nursery rhyme?

Perhaps we can pick up more tips from the fables of Aesop - which we old-fashioned ex-teachers would resort to - in attempting to teach morality to our young ones.

Take this one.

Politicians anywhere in the world are adept at horse dealing - just observe what's going in the Presidential  Primary in the US, the Brexit campaign in UK and the shameless power struggle in Malaysia. 

2.  Politicians have a knack of making promises and trying to please all just to attain their place in the halls of power.  One who works without principles and manages to eat his cake and keep it, will end up like this.

This lesson is also applicable to Malay men who have a propensity for multiple wives!!

3.  What motivates the policies of those who are power-hungry?

Malaysia has an abundance of bald men and flies!!

4.  What is the price of disunity and greed?

Viva the Reformation??!!

Promises? Hope? Glory? Perfidy?

5.  As for the rakyat who inevitably become  cannon fodder in the battle of the Caesars, take heed of this tale.

Equality is what the elite -  made up of the articulate and powerful and rich - promise to the dispossessed!!

Finally let's take a leaf from one of  P. Ramlee's fables Labu Labi; in his song Yang Mana Satu Idaman Kalbu.

For all confused, jaded and outraged Malaysians - as we have to make choices (or should we?) - think of P. Ramlee's lines.

Hai tukang masak, aku tak sudi
Hai tukang cuci menyakitkan hati.

....even though we are persuaded by......

Inilah dia yang di carinya
Misai tebal, ular sawa

Ini orang nya idaman dara
Lawa tiada manis ada.

It usually ends up in deciding between ...

Biarlah setan atau pun hantu
Cukup bulan makan batu.

Biarlah hantu atau jembalang
Balik kampung, tanam kacang.

And in another room, in the background is the kingpin counting his money:

Tak habis habis dengan asmara chinta (politik)
Kan lagi bagus lagu nasihat ....... bagaimana dapat duit,
Macam mana nak jadi orang kaya !!!

Good Night and Good Luck  Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

As usual, Mam, you dish out very interesting parables and anecdotes.

How very justifiable and appropriate.

That's why yours is one of my favourite blogs.

I am sure many others also share my sentiments.

We need more of the good stuff from you.

Keep them coming.

I just wish the powers-that-be are also reading this.

Meanwhile, have a good day.



anak si-hamid said...

Dear SG,

Thank you for the bouquet. Glad you enjoyed the posting.