Sunday 28 April 2013

What a Flop

                                                  Tanah  Tumpah  Darah  Ku

For the past week or so since getting back to Kuala Lumpur, life's been swinging between a flop and a  fever.

Election fever in Malaysia did not really affect where we live.  The streets looked very lively and colourful with blue, white and green flags, banners and buntings.   A couple of them promised cheap petrol and cheap cars - mainly in the poorer neighbourhoods.  The mugshots of the candidates were the usual run of the mill but I must say the poster boys of a certain political party looked like images drawn up by Saatchi and Saatchi of London.  In open necked shirts  (looking like Tony Blair), with shoulders back and arms folded  in a Stamford Raffles stance, they give such an air of authority and style that you feel tempted to vote for them because of their impressive image and to disregard  the ideas.  But that's politics for you.  Lebih indah rupa dari kata!

A couple of days ago we were driving through the leafy suburbs of Wangsa Maju when a car with DAP flags attached to the sides passed us by and what we read on the posters at the rear windows made us gasp in disbelief!  I had no chance to take a photograph but we remember very distinctly what they claimed.  It was so heinously devious and cynical it couldn't come unstuck from the memory!


The other 'pleaded'   SAVE  GAZA AND PERAK.

Where were these  "Malaysian Freedom Fighters" when the Zionists were pulverising the Gazans and Palestinians?  What campaign and demonstrations did the DAP organise to support these beleagured people?

As Malaysians, we have to apologise most abjectly to the Syrians, Gazans and Palestinians for the cheek of some of our citizens for making use of their sufferings  and oppression to serve the political ends of some of our well-fed, well-heeled smug people in Malaysia and Perak!

I guess I was so shocked by those posters that I didn't notice this naughty-wotty Aedes mosquito
attacking me and leaving me flopping about with breakbone (dengue) fever.  Or could that poster-wielding car have been nasty Mr Aedes in disguise?  Especially in Malaysia, many politicians are such great actors that they could fill up the rolls of Oscar nominee awards.  There are wolves in sheep's clothing, wolves in wolves clothing, sheep in wolves clothing,  foxes in clerics'garments, foxes dressed as hens scouting about the henhouse, sharks in dolphins' suits, Greeks bearing gifts, smiling crocodiles in city suits and Malay baju, dumb asses who would sell themselves for a carrot, carpet baggers on the ready for a quick buck and loads of Friends of Red Riding Hood  (FoRRH)  using her to get a good bite at her dear old grandma.

Indeed the dengue's breaking my bones, but I hope my mind's still intact.

For (some of)  my fellow Malays :

I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping  .....

However, ....... 

.....  I don't know how someone controlled you
       They bought and sold you.

.....  I don't know how you were diverted
       You were perverted too.
       I don't know how you were inverted
       No one alerted you.


Anonymous said...

Well, too bad you forgot to take pictures of these posters and upload them here as well.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anon 5.25

It was worse than "too bad". It was one big regret!!

I did not expect to be sitting in a car holding a camera waiting to snap at devious political statements as they pass me by in a car. I did not "forgot"to take the picture but I did remember to write it down in my blog!

If I was 20 years younger and didn't have dengue beating my bones I would have scoured the streets to catch the "Streak".

OR maybe those posters were meant to be seen this way - a HIT AND RUN so that they will not be caught - it's like a flasher having a sweet quick job.

That one sign tells you so much about the Opposition!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon..

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anonymous 1.33 am.

Hamizan Hamzah said...

It's alway refreshing to read your jottings, madam. How I wish there's a Malaysian chapter of the Monster Raving Looney Party :-)

Get well soon.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Hamizan,

That was just what I said to the spouse a few days ago - wishing for a MRL Party - you've been reading my mind.

I voted for them twice in Leicester - aah for a bit of sanity!!!

And thank you for popping in.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon. Saya pernah kena denggi 2 tahun sudah. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. It was the worst kind of fever that I've ever experienced. Tak nak kena lagi dah.


MAsK said...

Dear AsH,
Sorry to hear you got a 'feverish' welcome back...glad though that your latest posting shows you're on the mend and still sharp as ever!
AsK too is out of cast but still unfit for duty.
And as we remain bonded for as long as her mobility is hampered, we get into some interesting 'chin-wag' as you call it, over good reads (yours remain much anticipated).
I for one, practically hyperventilate each time I come across the absurd lengths the political animals in our midst go with little, if any, sense of decency or conscience. I just hope sanity prevails over stark emotions and bigotry.
Stay healthy, ma'am.
Ros, a.k.a.MAsK

anak si-hamid said...

Dear anakbochek,

Thank you for the wishes and the hope. It was/is hellish - never had a fever like this before in all my good long years.

InsyaAllah no more after this one.

anak si-hamid said...

My dear Ros,

Lovely to hear from you. Hope AsK is mending well and you're in good nick too!

Sanity and honesty are in short supply in this election fever.

But at least we're lucky this country for we still have room for such madness.