Sunday 7 April 2013

Cupboard Love

"Hoi, banyak cantik punya muka....."  replied  'Bang Long when I asked him if'  'the best cook in KL' - his wife ( my sister) - could just leave her asam pedas ikan merah, sambal goreng tempeh/tahu,  crispy-fried  ikan selar kuning in our kitchen when we arrive in KL on Tuesday 9 April InsyaAllah. We don't expect them to wait for us as we won't get to the house until midnight!!

And I thought they would be happy to see the two 'kaki menginding' back again!

 But I reckon Zarina (another  'best cook in KL') would be delighted  to carry on giving us her super scrumptious 'meals-on-8-legs'  (hers, Ken, Daniel and Haiqal) to the two gorgeous geriatrics - wouldn't you Zarina??

So, it's time to  "bed down our house" again.  We've had a rejuvenating, productive and recuperative time and  the heavens brought us loads of snow and cold - just what we came for!

Goodbye to our friends like Jack and Doug and all the lovely ladies at Leicester Animal Rescue. Farewell to a 'so near yet so far'  moggie at the window.

Yesterday, we went for a brisk walk in a cool and sunny Victoria Park to say goodbye to Daisy and Daff....

......  and to the spouse's favourite flowering currant, which he says has the same spicy fragrance as the 'bunga tahi ayam'.

Although it's difficult to part with this little one in Leicester.........

Wania and dadiji

...... there are all these monsters waiting in Kuala Lumpur.

Rusty and Socks above and Comot below.

H  E  L  P  !!!! 

This I will miss most of all - my Play Station.

Fare thee well Leicester.  InsyaAllah we shall be back.

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