Tuesday 20 November 2012

Today - A Week Ago

....... we opened the front door to this.

The house - after nearly six months - looked the same.  Thankfully the central heating, the telephone, the TV, the fridge, the gas cooker, the washing machine and the shower - unlike the last time we got back in  March 2012 - were in good working order.

We warmed up the house, took a lovely hot shower and had a decent meal of mushroom omelette, boiled spuds and brussels sprouts.  Only my laptop, worn out from travelling 6,800 miles gave up the ghost.  It spitted and spluttered for days before Samsudin our Computer Man wrung it by its neck and got it working, like now.

Each morning I look at the view from the Study window and this I recorded at 7.07 am.

Then I would go downstairs ....

........ where I would find Jack's 'welcome home'' gift - the last summer rose from his garden - still emitting  an intoxicating fragrance.

I felt like I never really left this Leicester abode but these three ....

......... Socks, Comot and Rusty keep on tugging my heartstrings.

It's back to a cool, quiet respite from a hectic KL, from driving into Pudu three times a week and anticipating  in trepidation, noisy assaults from the shenanigans of Ikan Bakar Sekinchan.

It will now be a life of walks into the City Centre, to Victoria Park sans car and insane motorcyclists.  It's a time for thinking, reminiscing and writing.

(Please click "Watch on You Tube" to get the video.)


Anonymous said...

aissay aunty you are quite a messy person n dont care much how things look lah. Uncle is a good hubby :)

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anon 10.53.

Psst.. don't tell everyone about me, they may want to know my secret, how I do it!!

As for Uncle, he's good only because he does my say-so - like being given permission to be messy too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maizie,
Thank you for carting me to Tung Shin Hospital three times a week for 8 weeks. I know how terrified you are of KL traffic. And thank you for being such a wonderful cook. I want to put on record that you cook the best lasagne, the best lemon layer pudding, the best sambal ikan kering, the best ayam cili serai, and the best kway teow goreng in the world.

So you truly deserve a break in the cool of an English winter, with bus rides into the countryside, plenty of charity shop hopping, and PLENTY of boil-in-the-bag meals!!
Lots of love,

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Iain - light of my life,fire of my heart, companion of my follies and the bestest milky coffee maker .. and teh tarik too.

I feel a halo growing around me head.

I've got the English winter, the Charity shops etc. What about my fish and chips eh?

Boil-in-the-bag meals??- where got? You want me to get into trouble with Haiqal? And what example am I setting for the young wives like Maria, Hidayah, Sabrina and Zarina?

But thank you, me duck.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Iain has spoken! And how sweet ...!!!

Glad both of you are home ...

And Mak Ngah, I am following some 'mengendeng' activity from my elder(s) and dilligently too!

Love always fr Young wife (??!!) , mom of five ...

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anon Nov 21 1.14pm aka Maria, the Queen of Menginding.

You don't know how happy your Uncle Iain is to be back - no more knocks on the door for teh tarik - not only from the mother (which is quite frequent) but also from the Papa, Ariff, Tasha, Sarah Hana, Anis and Ilyas. Remember how you lot demolished his whole packet of digestive biscuits??

Terrible, terrible.

Salam and love to all at Ampang.