Monday 5 December 2011

South of the Border

This will be our first  'overseas'  trip in nine months since we got back to KL.  It will be a well-deserved little holiday and would enable a  test drive of  the cobalt-titanium hip.

Come Wednesday we shall cross this strip of water at Selat Tebrau.....

..... to get to the island Republic of Singapore.
Oh dear this 1963 map is outdated because Singapore has grown to this.
Singapore circa 2010
Note the expansion especially in the south-west corner.

The Rainbow Gang ..... sans Irene.

.......  will treat us like royalty - I hope?

As usual Jai will put us up - or - have to put up with us.

We shall be feasting on mee rebus, rojak mamak, lontong, air batu kacang, cendol, murtabak from Arab Street cooked as only Singapore's hawkers can!

We hope to meet up with Canary aka Irene at Ruqxana's Saturday lunch date.  The last time we saw Irene was when she did this little art work on my name.  We miss you, you mad artist!

Getting about in Singapore will be easy.  Other than the buses and the MRT,  Singapore's taxis are especially reliable and efficient.  They will  - unlike KL taxis -take you in whether your journey is for 1km or 20kms!!!!

But we are spoilt for choice where transport is concerned.  We can pick up Jai's top-notch VW

or Ruqxana's grand old lady coffee percolator.

We hope to be back by Sunday - sated, satiated and satisfied.


The Food Guide said...

One of my makansutra kaki has pointed out to me where we can go for very nice tohsay, available anytime of the day. And they serve very nice teh tarik too !!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays at kota singa.Wow!I love the kuih lopez at the geylang food court.The thick brown sugar syrup with the triangular kuih lopez.Heavenly delish!!


Kama At-Tarawis said...

happy hols ash & iain.. hope to see you both soon..

anak si-hamid said...

Dear The Food Guide, Wawa and Putri,

Thank you. Just got back and have to go on a diet after all that yummy comestibles.

Now, sit down and take this in.

We'll be off again on the 30th to Singapore. Jailani is giving us a treat to the Keronchong Concert on 1 Jan.

The Rainbow Band are taking us out for a New Year lunch at Scott's.

And we will once again be spoilt rotten by this bunch.


Yabada badoo.

Wan Sharif said...

Glad to know there are some who cannot wait to spoil you both?. A test drive of the cobalt- titanium hip!.. Hopefully he was comfortable while being spoilt;)
Maaf lama tak singgah

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Wan Sharif,

Between friends (even if it's just on the ether), there's no need for a 'maaf'. Come when you can. It's always good to hear from you.

Oh yes, we were terribly, terribly spoilt - the test drive went very well so we're off again on the 28th

curio said...

HI! 1stime here. M a sporean. Where is Jai staying? Nice house. looks kampung. the only kampung still around here is i think at lor Buangkok. And Jai is driving with a triangle? Hehe new driver ;)
Can tell where's the 24hr tohsay stall? And Ruqxana's house nice too!

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you curio from Singapore,

Welcome to the blog. You are very observant. Jai's triangle was last year's - he's now a fully fledged driver and a good one too.

Correct again, the second time. That picture of Jai was at Buangkok - but how we wish that was his house.