Sunday 25 September 2011

Rocking at Tung Shin Hospital

Tomorrow the spouse will be undergoing hip replacement surgery at Tung Shin and I promised him we shall go to a rock concert .....
.....  as soon as he recovers.  Read about the rocker on

This will be an opportunity to test the new titaniun-cobalt hip bone.

So, next week this blog will not be able to rock as AsH will be busy organising a gathering of the spouse's old friends and follies.

Firstly ,
These three are now running a very successful Tourist Agency at Temburong, Brunei

She met another 'ang mo' with a three-piece suit and is now the manager of a Chippy (Fish and Chips Shop) at Burton-on-Trent

Amanda is now a grandmother of 10 from a brood of 10, living at Tamu Darat, Sabah

Hyacinth put her money to greater spiritual use,  doing missionary work teaching English as a Second Language (after training at the Summer Institute of Linguistics, USA)  in the jungles of Cambodia.

Remember how pleased they were to see you, another 'Tuan'? Sir Malcolm MacDonald was the last one, but he only came to take photographs of their topless mums!

This was your one success on that Sabbatical trip but the University wanted you to recruit more foreign students to top up their coffers and you failed to do so!

So, be of brave heart and cheer for tomorrow.   Rock on me duck!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't often comment on blogs, but I feel I have to here. I was in the Geography Dept at Leicester University when all those postcards from strange Asian ladies started arriving ... and, obviously, the entire staff read each one. You have no idea what a terrible reputation it gave that Buchanan guy. Mind you, he deserved every bit of it. Take it from me: he was a real rascal and a lowdown playboy. Mainly, though, they were all bloody jealous.

George Rollmop (ex-colleague)

anak si-hamid said...

Gotcha Buchanan!

Thank you George.

Pasquale said...

Our prayers for him!

Anonymous said...

Wishing your AsH a speedy recovery. Will the titanium hold up to future over-active rock n roll, you think? Just curious :)

- A Malaysian -

Irene said...

Dear Ms Hamid

After being without a full-time job for almost a year, I started working full-time again recently and have been feeling the strain not just from working in a government organization with people who reminds me of the kind we encountered in JSS but also the age I am now in.

I have not been to your blog for quite awhile and just heard about Uncle. I decided it's time I see what's happening here and read your latest post. You must be busy tending to him at this time... I hope Uncle is doing fine and recuperating well. Tell him he must get back on his feet again soon so he can "rock" again!!

You take care too. Love and regards from me to you both.

nadya.s said...

Haaahaha!.. u give me idea on how to write to my friends now ma'am :)

my do'a for Mr.Ian :)

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Pasquale, a Malaysian, Irene and Nadya.s,

Thank you very much to all four of you for the do'a and prayers and good wishes.

I'm back home just for a few hours (I'm putting up at Tung Shin during the hip-man's 'incarceration,) to check the house and pick up stuff like an old guitar, the old tight jeans and the 'winkle-pickers' shoes. Hope they still fit the spouse, not me!!

Once again many ,many thanks.

rohaya28 said...

Hahaha! Uncle with the new hip, hope we can rock around the clock at our next get together, insyallah!
Wishing you a speedy recovery and to our dear MH, take care xoxoxox

BaitiBadarudin said...

Just chanced upon Fatimah's Kampung and was impressed by the story and illustration. Hope both you and the author will be rock-n-rolling in no time.

Anonymous said...

u r not anak si hamdi d revolusioner huh?

nyways enjoy reading ur blog.


anak si-hamid said...

Thank you. Grandmas do not rock n roll! only diddies like us!

Baiti Badarudin,
Thank you for the the warm wishes. We, especially Iain, are pleased you enjoyed the illustrations AND the content of Fatimah's Kampung. For him it was 8 years' labour of love.

Glad you enjoy reading AsH. If you are thinking of Hamid Tuah, afraid that's not my father. My abah is a Malay (not Arabised or Westernized)nationalist and malcontent, a mantle I have inherited.
And thank you for stopping over.