Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Recess Time at Langkawi

The best place to start is at the end - our last day in Langkawi.
34th  Anniversary  of Rainbow  Girls  and Teech
24  July  2011
This Langkawi escapade to celebrate their special birthday had been meticulously planned since last year.  The Rainbow Girls came by plane from Singapore (except for Rohaya from Perth) -  and by road -
and by Ferry -
Laughing all the way to the Ferry
and by buggy at the Resort.

The accommodation was 5 Star - two persons to a chalet resting on water.

We had long lazy breakfasts.

They wanted to re-live their old days at Jurong Secondary School when they ponteng school and had roti canai at the mamak stall at Jurong Market - but of course with a different ambience.

They took to the rain like dried  ikan bilis to water.
Well, maybe, only the two.  If you kopet  ( not taking a morning shower)  you can bring the morning rain.  But as this is the season of the South-west Monsoon, it can be assumed everybody had a shower except for .......???

I was hoping and looking for sprinklings of magic stars to enhance our holiday.
I thought I saw a fairy in the foliage but it turned out to be a Langkawi leprechaun.
Maybe a gathering with the tall Scottish leprechaun might do the trick.
 But the magic occurred at ...
........after  a stomach-churning ride on the cable car and a walk on the Skybridge.

While enjoying the breathtaking beauty of the gorges and canopy of trees surrounding Gunung Mat Chinchang,  I reflected on these former students of mine from 34 years ago -  these four Rainbow Girls.  Despite the passing years they are still  loyal and constant friends.  They have changed in some ways but remained untouched by the wear and tear of life.

Here's Oi Bek as serene as ever then and now.

Demure and gentle Rohaya became more demure and gentle and sweet - a lovely and loving mother and grandmother and friend.

Rukhsana looked just as angelic - with chocolate in her mouth.

Lely looks very 'stylo-wylo' in her hat ........
......but she's still the irrepressible scamp she was years ago ..... again with her hat on.

To seal the magic we proceeded to the yummiest little restaurant at Pantai Cenang ......
.......and the world famous Minyak Gamat shop. Well, that's what we think because the man in the shop patiently answered all our questions.  We now hope, with Minyak Gamat and all its by-products, all our health and beauty problems will be solved.

However, you four girls do not need any magic for the rest of your life.  You have enough, stored in you, and of your own making to bring joy and enchantment to the people around you and especially to Uncle and Teech.

P.S.  Except for Images 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18 all the rest are by courtesy of Lely aka pickledherring.


Anonymous said...

The excitement and joy certainly are contagious. Eventhough I dont know any of them, I can feel how close knit you gals are.
So...the 4 lovely ladies are your former students..? And you guys have been meeting annually for the past 34 years? wow!
Kak AsH, I can imagine how "garang" you were when you were a teacher (English teacher, I supposed?) but deep inside, you cared and loved for your students. Those kind deeds are like seedlings we plant... they grow bigger and provide shades and fruits to all around them.

Cikgu, jasamu tetap kami sanjung. Tanpa mu, siapalah kami...

Anak Pak Deris

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anak Pak Deris,

I cherish your comment.

Yes, I was a 'garang' English language teacher. But my best teachers and lecturers were also the same - and because of that I learned to think very carefully before I put pen to paper.

For every essay that they tore to shreds (metaphorically), it hurts, but how I learned!! It is very easy to be a popular teacher and get on the good side of your students - but it doesn't help them.

The first thing I learned about teaching was to be firm/fierce in the beginning and then to loosen up later when they begin to accept that you're in charge.

But the one principle I always maintained was to be firm, but fair and I guess the kids realised that and were never too afraid to come to me for help.

I like your analogy. Those girls have grown into shady and fruitful trees and they give sustenance to so many that touch their lives. Indeed I am blessed.

Once again, thank you Anak Pak Deris for your appreciation.

Rockybru said...

Wow, the now-and-then pics are gems. You cry gems looking at them.

ph said...

Steve Conway makes me weepy, i feel so sad listening to the song...

Thank you Miss Hamid & Uncle Iain for being there and putting up with us.

A big thank you to Bek for all that you had done, Ruk for driving us around the island and Roy for being you.

(ini macam the thank-you speech at the Academy award show)

rohaya28 said...

Thank you MH for the lovely write-out
We all had an awesome time. Great place, great company and great picture too :)

Irene said...

Ms Hamid, as usual, has her clever way of putting words, pictures and song together to make an interesting post.

Listening to the song and looking at the then-and-now pictures is so very nostalgic.

Lely, your comment is indeed macam a thank-you speech at some star awards, only this is not the academy awards but stars in real life! You all sparkled then and still sparkle now.

What a celebration for 34 years (or more) of friendship!

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Din,

Bet you have forgotten the bickerings, the quarrels and the scrapes you got into with them many, many years ago.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you ph,

Hope you were wearing your 'stylo-wylo' hat at that Academy Award speech.

But you are only saying what we all wish to say - so thank you, thank you, thank you - berapa banyak thank you daah!!!

anak si-hamid said...


You came from so far just to spend this big day with your mates and the two diddies.

Just do not tell Aurelius and Liana and little Eva all the nonsense you got up to - or else they won't let you loose again.

Love to 'me Aussie cobber' from the English limey, and from Teech.

anak si-hamid said...


You take top billing even though you could not be with us because of your job.

We really, really wished you were there mucking (?) it out with us.

So thank you - for keeping that sparkle, even after 34 years!

bekoo said...

Everyone, thank you for being a friend. frankly bekoo didn't do much AND thankfully, bekoo did not mope around either.. hahaha Irene, we missed you. Uncle & Ms Hamid, we were really glad you could joined us. next time, if we hv to travel the distance, we'll make it a longer trip... brace yourselves.. there is a NEXT time.. :) :) BTW, this is a lovely posting. Ruk, Alice said you look sooo pretty when you were young...
luv, bekoo

anak si-hamid said...


Thank you for your comment and thank you for all you've done and more and more thank yous for other kindnesses and .......... (this is just to annoy you ha ha!)

You ALL looked so pretty then but now ?????

Here are some words from Robinson Crusoe aka Uncle:

Robinson Crusoe only had Man Friday. Uncle had Girl Friday, Girl Saturday, and Girl Sunday - multiplied by FIVE (including his darling old girl Maisie, who is actually "Girl 365 Days of the Year". So gender-wise, it was a losing battle. But, to tell the truth, we are both very lucky to have such lively and loving nieces to holiday with. It says a lot about what a teacher your Miss Hamid was....but remember, before SHE was YOUR teacher, I was HER teacher. Says a lot about what a teacher I was. (Ha ha)

Next trip Pangkor? NO. If we are well enough. it has to be Mongolia and Central Asia. UrumchiAir has a very cheap flight (but bring your own cushion), and we can travel by camel. Oi Bek, if she organizes, must take the lead camel.
Luv Unc.

bekoo said...

Uncle - You are ON! Central Asia it is - khajastan (yes i don't know the spelling but want to go there) ubekistan and Ulan Battor..
Get those knees working.. :) :)
luv, b

Anonymous said...

I really like the 'before' and 'after' photos ! looking forward to the next session 30 years down the road !