Sunday, 29 August 2010


SOO-dah DOO-a MING-goo SY-ya BAN-yah SAK-it. TEE-dak AH-da dem-AM PAN-as or SED-joo. Tet-AH-pee SA-kit KEP-ah -la dan BA-toh. KEP-ah-la BRAT sa-PUR-tee bes-see.

HA-ree EE-nee SOO-dah ba-GOOS SICK-it.

Tet-AH-pee BULL-ay TOO-lis KAB-bar sen-ANG(2) SA-ja, KA-see TER-ta-wa AW-rang(2) DEE blog SEE-nee.


Skar-ANG EE-nee AW-rang prem-PWAN mel-EYE-oo poon-YA OH-tak pen-AT dan KO-sung. SY-a BEE-kin BAN-yah meng-WOP. MIST-i PIG-ee TEE-dor.

Wake up AsH. Get a hold of yourself. You've been besotted withsince you've been dis-eased.

This was given to me by Ru and Lesley some years ago.They were the spouse's former students(thank you for the photo Irene)who went on a tour of South East Asia after graduation. This handbook was given to them by a relative and we spent many hours laughing at the contents. I also found it useful when I wanted the spouse to get on with his chores! I would command "SEE-ap MA-kan. SA-poo LAN-ty. CHOO-chee BY-by" and other useful sentences to get men working.

Ru the Radical added this to the glossary.

And this was found on the inside back cover.And we all love you too, dear Mande, who ever and where ever you are.


It has been two weeks, very much sick. Got no fever, hot or cold. But head aches and also cough, cough a lot. Head so heavy like iron.
Today, feel little good.
But can only write easy stuff to make people laugh - those crazy enough to read this blog.
Now, this Malay woman very tired and vacant in the head. I am yawning.Must go sleep.

ON COMMANDS : Get the meal ready. Sweep the floor. Clean it carefully. Chop chop!


ph said...

Welcome back ! Am glad you're feeling better.

psst Uncle, are you using my apron ?

imsunnysideup said...

you know what ? That must be how Malaysians perceieve when they hear me speak Malay... 9 out of ten would tell me...ahhhh S'pore Malay !
I had had students telling me to stop speaking in Malay coz they could not bear to listen to it/me.... so that's how I punished them !!!.....blabber and nag in the Malay language...hahahahah

Rockybru said...

Mande a person?
Bukan "mandi" ke?
Saya suka mandi.

Love your haircut in the picture, AsH.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you ph, sunnysideup and Din.

I'm surprised and happy that you could read my demented ravings.

P.S. I regretted bitterly getting my hair permed as seen in that photo. Say no more.