Friday 25 December 2009


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The smell of blood from the invasion of Gaza by Israel is still in the air. It is the same with the plight of Afghanistan and Iraq who are under the yoke of western Occupation and still suffering the bloody aftermath. Each year Britain commemorates the death of their soldiers during the First and Second World Wars. As for Israel, she is determined that the world does not forget the Holocaust. So we also need to remember the deaths of innocents in our 'part' of the world, the causes and consequences of the invasion by the neo-Crusade alliance of USA, Britain, Europe, Australia, Canada and other non-Caucasian sycophant countries.
When I recently got back to Britain I was amused to hear of another inquiry into the War on Iraq - the Chilcot Inquiry. After the Butler and Hutton Reports what difference will this one make? The panel consists of 4 knights of the realm ranging from two historians, a career civil servant, a career diplomat and a non-British-Bumiputra woman, Baroness Usha Prashar. It's all very PC.
Although this is supposed to be a legalistic inquiry, no QC or Senior Judge-who have the legal training to be sharp and astute during cross-examination-is included. There are no representatives from the military and witnesses are not obliged to speak under oath. But then one can mislead, be economical with the truth, oversimplify the case and still escape censure and accountability. Furthermore all the members were personally chosen by the PM Gordon Brown.

This is a common question that children would ask of their fathers who fought in the First and Second World Wars. (It's also the title of a comedy.) Here are some of the answers given by witnesses to explain Daddy Tony's deeds in the War in Iraq.
1. According to Tony Blair (TB) Saddam had a stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which could be used against Britain within 45 minutes. Britain's former ambassador to US, Sir Christopher Meyer said to the panel on the 26th of November "We found ourselves scrabbling for the smoking gun ......we now bloody well have got to try and prove that he's (Saddam) guilty .......of course there was no smoking gun."
2.Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Britain's former ambassador to the UN told the panel on the 16th of December that the invasion was such a "catastrophic success" that they were
"left holding the baby" without the materials, the resources and the know-how to organise a post-war reconstruction. Greenstock, who worked with TB to lobby the UN to support the War also said though the War was of 'questionable legitimacy' it is unlikely to be proved illegal! So why the Inquiry?
3.The former Attorney General and a buddy of TB, Lord Goldsmith, claimed that the PM was given a memo informing him that an attack on Iraq would be illegal, 8 months before the invasion. TB was also advised that getting rid of Saddam was in breach of international law. According to the Independent, on November 29 the letter was already in the hands of the panel.
It amuses me no end to read the revelations made by these Mandarins about the slip-sliding shenanigans of their great Leader. This display of their principles during cross-questioning- after the War Horse had bolted-I find very cynical and self-serving.

So now we have been enlightened. The attack on Iraq was illegal.
However, such a line of pursuit is a distraction. It is not just a simple dichotomy between legal and illegal, between good and evil or between right and wrong. We are not living in the 'barbaric' Middle Ages when clouting your weaker neighbour is an acceptable norm. We are supposed to have developed our human-ness beyond that. But the powerful are still working with the same barbaric motivation and agenda and then dressing up their greed and avarice with 'hurrah' weasel words like human rights and freedom and democracy. Iraq simply means oil. But again the reasons are not that simple. Iran and Iraq sit on 20% of the world's reserve. Although Saudi Arabia is an ally holding 25% of global reserve, she is also under pressure from her neighbours. It is difficult for the US to contemplate coping with 3 Muslim nations holding 45% of the world's oil reserve. Some other modus operandi must be considered given America's 'suspicion' of the Middle East and the Muslim world. Their resort to brute force will not meet with the turning of the other cheek. Violence begets violence and you cannot square the circle.
Anyway TB and the Blairites are very upset about all the 'distasteful' exposure and the effect on his reputation. But he really need not worry about finding himself hauled into the International Court of Justice. That place only caters to Serbs like Milosevic and in the near future-as many western liberals are baying for his blood- the President of Sudan.

The whole show reminds me of that children's story "Belling the Cat". So, are they men or mice? The cat, after all, escaped.
I end this posting like I began - with another schoolyard taunt at the enquiring authorities and their actors:



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