Tuesday, 15 September 2009

MSG and Moaning Minnie

I've been a good girl, I have. All Ramadan, we've kept to our own cooking. Pak Iain contributed his usual range of haute cuisine like Chili con Carne, Rice Porridge and Goat food as in Salad with his special dressing ( has to be made while garbed in sarung). As for his teh tarik - it's absolutely fab.

As for me I do my usual repertoire of fried kway teow, fried beehoon mamak style (must be wary in case India sues for pinching their cuisine), fish fried really, really crispy. I do go over the top with my special spiced roasted chicken, pacri nenas (pineapple chutney) and Tunisian carrot salad. I also make lots of soup using up all the leftovers in the fridge - it's either a one-off disaster or success. It's of course unrepeatable -burp...!

Then yesterday, we wanted to give ourselves a break and wandered to the Bazaar Ramadan. I fancied gulai sayur paku (ferns in coconut milk) and paid RM2 for about 6 spoonfuls. Pak Iain bought tempe with sambal petai. We enjoyed what we bought - but not for long. My throat got very, very dry and I feared getting a throat infection which acccording to neurotic sources could lead to H1N1 and perhaps finally requiring a brain transplant!!! Iain suffered palpitations that night (nothing to do with my snoring). The Culprit ? MSG!!

Why do our stallholders use that much MSG in our food? Our mothers and grandmothers never depended on that additive. Our youngsters I think are stuffed to the eyeballs with that poison. Nobody knows what are the long term effects of consuming this additive. However the short term repercussions are enough to tell us to get rid of that stuff. If we are health-conscious enough to be warned about too much salt and sugar, the same cautionary note should be applied to MSG. So, no more eating at the food stalls, the one joy of living in Malaysia - unless we know for certain there's no MSG. As old diddies, our list of fun is getting depleted day by day and now one more joy has to be sacrificed. I suppose I just have to resort to my own cooking.

Above is a photo of my handiwork except for the steamed broccoli in the saucepan which is Iain's speciality. According to him, it tastes better served in the saucepan. Still want to come and visit us, Kak Teh and AG? - or any other brave visitors?

I have this sign in my kitchen. THIS KITCHEN IS CLOSED DUE TO SICKNESS. THE COOK IS SICK OF COOKING. I guess there's no rest for the wicked. Bon Appetit to all - sans MSG.


ph said...

That picture looks familiar.

anak si-hamid said...

Wasn't that your dinner last year?

Anonymous said...

...and we're worried about H1N1...while we stuff ourselves with that bloody MSG ???


ph said...

Now i feel like having roast chicken and all that on the table for my buka slurp..

Awang Goneng said...

Why is the hand from the end of the table eating chicken from the photographer's (presumably) plate? A classic case of curi ayam?

Yes, we'll certainly come if invited.

Awang Goneng said...

And more...

I too hate MSG, but it's maddening how an old jingle keeps playing from the back of nowhere -

Cap, cap, cap,
Cap Aji-no-moto...

Selamat Hari Raya, Umami-san.

Anonymous said...

Btw, what's your hari raya menu like? We have to make plans for our gastronomic fest you know...

ps:we'll bring our own tupperware for tapau

mekyam said...

i love this entry! :D [gelak golek2!]

pak ian and i must come from the same school of cooking. plating is soo overrated. i also just bring the pots to the table. :D

and AsH dear, i'm also big on one-offs. luckily cross-cultural chasm ensures my mum-in-law is still impressed with my kitchen "silap mata".

re msg, i've long suspected that it's the japanese insidious weapon to world domination. those who have eaten japanese know that they sure as heck don't use it in THEIR food! :D

p.s. oh hampir terlupa... i stop by to wish you & pak ian selamat menyambut aidilfitri!