Saturday 21 March 2009

Dearest Dorothy

The Three Witches of Leicester
Yours Truly, Ann and Dot

When shall we three meet again,
In thunder, lightning or in rain?

Dearest Dorothy. You were there for me after my operation. I so regret I could not do the same for you to reciprocate your kindness and care. You and Frank are the two bestest friends I have in Leicester. I shall always remember the first time we met. You two arrived with a bag full of winter clothes for Iain's 'tropical flower' and from that day on I was never wanting for anything - from jumpers to loving friendship.

From quiet homes and first beginning,
Out to the undiscovered ends,
There's nothing worth the wear of winning,
But laughter and the love of friends.

Belloc (1870 - 1953)

This posting will have to do until we see you in late April. Be a good girl, so you can heal quickly - for we have not tasted your chicken chasseur for ages AND I can promise you loads of lemon layer puddings. In the meantime :


Kak Teh said...

Ms Hamid, no one can ever forget a friend with a whole bag of winter clothes. I remember my first borrowed winter coat before I bought my own.
So, you are back in late April, ya? Let me know and I will post the book.

anak si-hamid said...

Hello Kak Teh,

Thank you. Certainly I will keep you in the know as to our arrival. Posting stuff can be a hazard in UK.We will be going to London sometime to visit old friends and perhaps we can exchange prezzies at the northern border of Watford Gap he he!!
Hope you survived the ordeal of your daughter's run.

Kak Teh said...

Ms Hamid, Watford Gap is a good place to exchange prezzies, so I heard.
I have survived her backpacking in India and Thailand and so I am hoping this one will be as uneventful, Insyaallah.

Iskandar Syah Ismail aka DR Bubbles said...

Hello Ms Hamid,

Just replied to your question in rockybru's entry for Kakteh's daughter,Nona regarding our volunteers at RapidKL stations.


Iskandar aka DRBubbles
Islamic Relief Malaysia

anak si-hamid said...

Dear drBubbles,

Thank you for the comment. I have also acknowledged it on rockybru's blog and it is worth repeating that those Islamic Relief youngsters that I notice at Masjid Jamek are doing a wonderful job.