Sunday 9 November 2008

I am ... I said -Part 2

Just thought I'd post this song ; mainly to make people green with envy, because I have a similar record player that plays 78s, 45s and 33s. I also have a collection of Malay, English and Hindi records or vinyls. And my family thinks we're both a couple of fruit cakes that live in the past.

Neil Diamond was one of Akim's Sunday morning wake -up-the-world calls.


Unknown said...

Ms Hamid,
Amazing, you actually still hv that thing that plays vinyl records!! :) It plays beautifully. That songs brings back nostalgic memories.. how time flies.
Hope to see you and Iain either in Singapore or KL.
luv, bek,

Anonymous said...

Hello Mak Ngah,
Finally!! The culprit who instigated you to blog has spoken....(mmm,aaahh...actually I did not noticed the 'anonymous' button that I can choose from, until today).

So, more stories please - especially those that fall under the 'embarrassing moments' category(yours eh, not mine) for my de-stressing pleasure as well as your nephews/nieces/cucus referance(of what not to do..)

ps:do call me when you r visiting the pusara;would like to tag along if I'm free.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Oi Bek,
Come over for Xmas and share our 'amazing' eccentric world.

anak si-hamid said...

At long last Mahzan, you managed to break the code !!! This, from the hi-tech nerd who nagged us into exploring the 21st century !!!

Anyway, I was just recalling that statement you made on that holiday with your folks to Cameron Highlands some years ago. You remonstrated about .........

profit said...

Dear Kak Ngah,
My wife and I would be delightful if you could spare some time with us in Kuantan. We have a lovely home by the beach.
Though I do not know you in person,but I think you are just a wonderful grumpy old lady.

mekyam said...

hi ms hamid!

i came here via kak teh's blog especially to thank you for 'my old man' (which i listened to at naz's).

the song is beautiful, even if it made me cry [i didn't get to say goodbye to either of my parents at their passings].

btw, i just read some of your back-entries and they are fascinating. i only stop to write this comment.

i'm so glad i come. :)