Monday 21 December 2020

As miserable as ..................

 ...... sin.  So it says in a dictionary of similes.  But there's nothing pitiable about sin.  I prefer "as miserable as a frost bitten apple" - from Frank J Wilstach's  'A Dictionary of Similes'.

For the past two weeks, AsH has been feeling wretched because the laptop was hit by a virus, it had to be disinfected.  Then there came the re-formatting.  AsH had to save all her stuff in Pictures and Documents into a Hard Drive.  After the formatting was done, she discovered to her horror that she had not saved Word and the Printer/Scanner ... more sighs ... more wringing of hands ..... technology is wonderful but this time technology sucks.  I blame it mainly on myself because this hi-tech world is not for the likes of someone born in the first half of the last century.

How shall I deal with this?  Yes!  I shall cook an English dinner and invite this deserving and loving lass Dorah and her good friend Sheila (who cooks the tastiest lasagne East of Bangi) as our special guests. 


[Dear Lely, we wish you could be here too (because I made the same roast chicken stuffing that you so liked so much .....

Remember this Roast Chicken dinner?

........ when you came to spend the spring of 2008 with us in Leicester many, many moons ago).  But that nasty Covid 19 has made a right mess of our lives and relationships in 2020.  However, we will be thinking of you and Uncle  especially - by devouring your share]


So I vented my frustration over the computer by cooking all day on Saturday. It was a right slap-up meal of mushroom soup with croutons, roast chicken marinated in rosemary and olive oil plus stuffing, sauted potatoes, French beans in garlic butter, Yorkshire pudding and Iain's in-house salad. 

For dessert, it had to be the spouse's favourite apple pie and custard. 

 That indeed washed away all my misery. 


And when the young 'uns like Dorah exclaimed, "Auntie, I'm going to eat first.  I just cannot, I cannot help myself" followed by a sweet "Thank you, Uncle" from Sheila, I knew I can now say bye bye to my computer woes.

Bless their cotton socks!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah for the food on our table, for all our blessings.  The heart however, cannot and must not stop thinking about the misery of so many in our Tanah Air who are jobless and trying their darndest to keep body and soul together while our elite, political and business thrive on their ill-gotten wealth, their power-lust, grand lifestyle and  privileges.

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