Sunday, 11 October 2020

Tosay, Nasi Lemak and steel-cut oats

Aaaah ...  another Covid 19 Sunday is upon us.  This morning the two geriatrics decided to live dangerously by firstly, getting out to enjoy a typical Malaysian (albeit a 'Malayan' ) breakfast and secondly by indulging in an unhealthy diet of Tosay which I reckon is anathema to the health-conscious, pro-active gym-attendees SYT in our urban enclaves.

This was recommended for "Anak Malaysia" as selected by the Malay Mail : 

It is a breakfast which you 'construct' for yourself after a hard Sunday morning at the gym.  It is made up of .....

  • steel-cut oats.   
I got this information from the internet.  The price is in US dollars, I reckon it is about 5 times the price of quick oats, if you know where to buy it in upmarket KL.  But it must be worth it because we are told that cheaper instant oats are too starchy, rolled oats need cooking while  steel cut or pinhead oats are "nutty, chewy, full of fibre and beta glucen". 

  • fresh fruits like blueberries (a super fruit), kiwi fruit or bananas.  Note the first two choice are imported and no way can Macik Limah afford it to feed her family for breakfast.  What about our local betik?
  • goji berries.  Auntie Siew Fong would be mystified.  "Ada jual di Giant tak?"  She would be uncertain if she can afford it, even tough goji berries are "rich in antioxidants and would protect our eyes."  She reckons carrots would have to do for the children's eyes - and maybe make them spend less time gawking at their mobile phones and TV.
  • matcha powder ..... well, Auntie Meenachi and Auntie Siew Fong and Macik Limah would be completely lost.  Even this GOG (Grumpy obstinate Geriatric) who has been on this planet for over 76 years and lived in about 5 urban centres (west and east) had to search the internet (her eyes are not too bad despite being deprived of those goji berries).  Now; matcha is aka powdered green tea which can be dusted over your hifi breakfast bowl.  Besides the "colour is quite appealing" when seen against all the other colours in your bowl!
  • Honey or maple syrup as a topping.  Our three Malaysian Maciks again would find the latter out of their league.  They would, for a healthier choice, opt for gula melaka syrup.
  • Finally drizzle over with virgin olive oil.  "Sudah lah.  Aku tak kuasa 'nak  layan 'ni semua", said Macik Limah and Mak/Tok Ngah AsH.

So what did we have for breakfast this morning?  It would turn the stomachs of  the SYTs, standing around in their sweaty gym outfit partaking of their ultra healthy breakfast.

What we should have eaten:

What we did eat .... for our naughty breakfast and lunch.

Some of our SYTs may have lost touch with the names of the above cuisine.  For their benefit; at the top is Tosay with all the yummy sauce and below is our old fashioned nasi lemak.  

All very, very corrupt and wicked. 

Here's our favourite Sunday morning haunt (somewhere at AU 4) sans the workout at the gym.

You can just see our two packets of nasi lemak at our favourite table.


In my last posting of Sept 30 I promised a sequel to the comment about how my Tanah Air, Semenanjung Tanah Melayu, (or 'Malaya', its Latinized version )needed antibiotics from an "extraordinary people" from a component state in Malaysia to rid us of our 'infection'.  This state has also been sanctified as the "soul of Malaysia". 

But as Malaysia is undergoing the throes of a difficult second/third wave of Covid 19 infections, I think I should wait for a calmer and more reassuring time before I proceed with my response.

Here's a nice song 'Blueberry Hill', to go with your bowl of super breakfast.

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