Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A response to the NST's 3 minute read today.

Good for you Malays!!  You have been learning the lessons to be imbibed from Malaysia Baru!

There's nothing ironic here and neither is this a "minor mistake" by the Malays who we are told, "have no shame".

Malays now realise in this country you have to use Mandarin to get your message across to other Malaysians who cannot and would not use or understand BM, the National Language, ( after living in this country for generations)  or English.

Old Malaysia must be discarded,  we are different now eh, we are as new  as a dilapidated coat turned inside out.

By the way, Assoc.Prof. Moon, our expatriate Specialist Chinese Acupuncturist from China at Tung Shin Hospital speaks better Malay than English.  He even jokes with us in Malay!!  He has been working in Kay-El for just over 5 years.

After all, we now have a brave new Malaysia with spanking-new leaders who are quite explicitly gutsy in  proclaiming  their style in Malaysia Baru.  For instance ....


WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!  How true, how true!

How very LKY-eish and PAPist!!!!!

What you see is what you get !!

"Masuk kandang kambing, mesti mengembek.  But who's the kambing and who's the kerbau today and yesterday and many, many other thousands of yesterdays?  ....  when the Semenanjung's native inhabitants lived like this ...

...... and like this .....

For all those Malays who did not choose the Alliance of Hope, they have to learn to live and cope in the Brave New World (apologies to Aldous Huxley) of Malaysia Baru - for instance, they have to use more English (like the urban liberals, Malays and others), pick up Mandarin and Tamil (to fit in with the new kambing and lembu di kandang)but please remember to uphold your dignity.

If the NST regards the display of Mandarin placards as ironic, I would prefer to describe that as Satirical.

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