Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Brexiteer

A lot of arguments and discussions have been going on in the UK in the past few weeks about leaving or remaining in the EU.  Much scaremongering and selective facts and figures have been put forward to (supposedly) guide the voter in making a decision.

The most ferocious debate concerns the issue of immigration.  The argument has been over-simplified with the Leave people being tagged as racists and bigots by the Remain campaign, whose voices strongly represent the liberal urban elites - especially in and around London.

Daily Mail - DM Comment  21 June 2016

Frank Field - The Guardian 14 June 2016

Daily Mail DM Comment 21 June 2016

Until 2004 when East Europeans joined the EU, there was no large scale migration to Britain.  There are now 3.3 million EU nationals living in Britain - up by 2 Million since 2003.  Unlike migrants from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and parts of Africa, they do not have to go through the hurdles of an English language test, or a UK citizenship test.  As soon as they enter Britain they are granted special privileges - and eventually all the rights of a British national - because they are members of the EU.  Unlike other non-EU migrants, their numbers cannot be restricted as UK as a member of the EU are bound by European treaties and European law.


In comparison, I reckon Sabah and Sarawak got a better deal when they joined Malaysia.   For instance Peninsular Malaysians need a work permit to work in East Malaysia and they are also restricted from  buying land in these two states.


If I am in Leicester right now, I would vote for LEAVE.  My reasons are very personal because of my  empathy and concern for the plight of my work mates, my  working class friends.

These mates of mine and all the other places I worked at are the ones who pay the price of the EU's "Freedom of Movement" i.e the right to migrate within the EU to whereever the grass is greener.  I  know the problems they are facing: unemployment , short term contracts, reduced benefits, school place for their kids, and registration at Doctors' Surgeries.

The Unions who are supposed to represent them have done nowt and somehow managed to put their backsides on two stools - Leave and Remain!!

 Daily Mail - by Ian Dury & James Slack, 20 June 2016

Paul Mason - The Guardian 20 June 2016

These are the 'native' population that have been thrown on the scrap heap in the name of globalisation and free-market economics practised by their neo-liberal elites in both the Labour and Conservative Parties

Paul Mason - The Guardian 20 June 2016

If their anger is not placated the rise of more right-wing extremists in Britain is inevitable.

The other consequence of this anti-immigration mood is the effect on those refugees who are desperately and justifiably in need of support, of the most basic of security.    In comparison to such people, the relatively secure East Europeans, tripping around looking for greener pastures, are very privileged people indeed.

Mondoweiss - 9 Sept 2015

Must Read:

I cannot help but observe the uncanny similarity of 'class politics' in Britain and here in Malaysia - of the gaping fissure between the luvvie elite in the urban centres and the hoi polloi poorer working class.  In Malaysia it's the gap between the city centres like KL and Penang and the rural/smaller towns.  In Britain there is the North-South divide with the well-heeled 'salariat' ensconced in the South.

This piece by Umar Mukhtar makes my point .....


...... especially:

Umar Mukhtar - reference as above

Umar Mukhtar - reference as above

Alas, in Britain, for my working class mates; and in Malaysia for friends like Osman and Aishah - our local road sweepers from Kampung Ayer Kuning, near Kampar - they shall for ever be the mentimum tossed and scraped by the durian.

I shall await with trepidation the results of the Referendum.

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Anonymous said...

It is very scary now,. I have been living here for nearly 20 years and nobody bat an eye. But on Sunday, 3 days after the referendum, I was verbally abused by an elderly white man while walking to the local shop!!! It hurts. I've reported it to the police. Please be careful when you return home. Don't go out alone.

Best wishes,