Sunday 11 October 2015

China's 'Daughter' in the Pariah State.

Baba Huang asks Malaysian Chinese "Allow me to love all of you, alright?"
"As the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia, I will continue to play the role as a friend of Chinese education."

So His Excellency sees himself as the "minder" of Chinese education in Malaysia.    But China's commitment to Chinese education in the Malay Peninsula goes a long way back - to 1922 - and maybe even earlier.  That ambition had cast a long shadow over Malaysia's past, present and future

The beginning of the Brave New Middle Kingdom - the "future masters of the Malay Peninsula."

The Ambassador also assured Malaysian Chinese of their 'family ties'.

The strong ties of the TONG PAO - of the same womb

For more heartwarming details of this special relationship, do look up .......


If only, oh if only the Malays - the Malaikwai (Malay devil) - could find protection and succour in the arms of "an economic superpower" like our fellow Chinese citizens.  If only we had the formula to enable us to put our bums on two stools.

What do we have?


For as long as this septuagenarian can remember, three words were never to be used to describe Indians in Singapore and Malaysia.  They are Keling and Pariah and P*****.  Such utterances would - in my mother's eyes - deserve a red hot chili rubbed hard against the lips.

From the Internet: pariah is a social outcast, a member of a low caste in South India.

"1610s, from Portuguese paria or directly from Tamil paraiyar, plural of paraiyan "drummer" (at festivals, the hereditary duty of members of the largest of the lower castes of southern India), from parai "large festival drum."  Especially numerous at Madras, where its members supplied most of the domestics in European service" [OED].  Applied by Hindus and Europeans to any members of low Hindu castes and even to outcastes.

Last year Tun M declared my bangsa as "shameless".  In 2015 he called my "tanah tumpah darah ku"  a pariah state.

Malaysian Chinese can take refuge in Baba Huang's Middle Kingdom.  Indians can return to the Indian sub-continent.

Malays can only putih tulang and putih mata. 


Nana, nana. Lekas pulang.
Aci takut tinggal sa orang
Belakang rumah ada jembalang.
Mata sepit, hidung-nya belang.



Speak out Malays said...

The keling pariah himself has put the malays in this difficult situation. He has enriched the chinese ytl, vincent tan to name a few billionaires but he has also enriched other chinese multimillionaires as in rocky bru 50 richest malaysian.

It is up to us with the power of the internet to expose his real name is mahathir iskandar kutty @mohamed. ie his father changed his name to mohamed. Even his real name is another iskandar not mahathir if some bloggers is to be belief.

He has enriched indians tony, ali abul, syed mokthar , mydin, nor yakcob all these people are acting against malay interests and causing the gini coefficient to increase to .7 the highest in asia.

The Malays are in real shit because umno has been infiltrated by indian gangster even in tabung haji. An indian with no spm, hype by utusan,berita harian, nst, tv3.

So you see how the anti malay network is.

Even UMNO DPM or naib presiden as apdal dont know what is going on in the United Malays government.

You see his face photoshop to appear brown instead of black and he got master from Preston University according to TAbung haji website.

That is how stupid umno is now. We have to band together. Zahid is Najib political secretary. So his loyalty is to najib. He is just acting as a political secretary again.

We are in deep shit if we dont speak out. kudos to you...

Anonymous said...

one red hot chilli pepper article.
are you angry with something, honey?

- Hantu Siber -

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anon 11 Oct :

You are speaking out - get more around you but be cool and well-informed.

I'm getting too old for this kind of struggle. I think I have done enough 'speaking out' for the Malays and Chinese and Indians - against injustice and skullduggery during my younger days.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Hantu Siber,

Me angry? You have not even seen the beginning of an angry AsH, sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

These are "unsettling" times if not hazardous, for Malaysian politics.

Due to our own undoing, outsiders (read foreigners) are unashamedly and brazenly meddling in our internal politics. Remember the likes of US VP Al Gore, Albright (did I get the then US Secretary of State's name correct?) and Ambassador John Mallot back in the late 90's? But back then we the people and especially Rafidah Aziz rightly fought back and gave them a piece of our mind. Oh boy, did we give them what we thought of them and country.

Unfortunately, now we don't have anyone of real calibre to teach this Huang fellow a thing or two about diplomacy. And he should clean up his own backyard first.

Sleep tight, sleep right said...

The Chinese imperial ambition and hegemony is well known. But it is very good of you to share what the Chinese are thinking. Lebih ramai orang melayu tahu lebih bagus.
But what was said in 1922 became reality in 1948 when the Chinese killed 20,000 malays in their attempt to grab power. And it continued well into the 80s the Chinese dream to steal Tanah melayu from the malays.
And of course until today by DAP. But just look at japan. Its a small country and yet it managed to conquer Manchuria.
Thus although their greed is obvious it became apparent that the Chinese are no match for the smaller Japanese.
Which bring back to the Malays and the Chinese. Do you know that the Japanese originated from the Malays? Muahaha.. just google it. Just like Malays aborigines are found in Taiwan it is not far fetch they might have reach Japan.
Linguistic wise Malay and Japanese are the only two languages which create a word by doubling it. Like sama sama. The first time you hear the Japanese doing the same you cannot believe it.. And Japanese have zero tone just like Malay.
Many similarities can be found between Japanese and malay and Indonesian words too.
The Malays have fought the Chinese communists in Malaya and in Indonesia too. The Javanese malays were the same that killed the Chinese back in 1948.

And size is not everything. See how IS a small band of arabs with malay snipers are taking on Russia, US and every body?!!

Jamal Yunos is the right man to take over Malay leadership. His heart is Malay and he declared he is a Malay. No other malay leader have said this.

And he proved he has leadership by bringing within days 50, 000 red shirts on the streets.