Sunday 30 August 2015

Will the last Anak Melayu to leave the room please switch off the light?

Fifty-eight years ago, on 31 Aug 1957, at 691 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore, the whole family were sitting around our radio, listening to the commentary of the declaration of Malaya's independence.  Came the part when the Union Jack was lowered and the Malayan flag took its place.

I saw the tears rolling down from Abah's eyes. I was only 13 and I just had to ask Abah "why?"

"I cry because my country is free (of the British).  But I also fear for the future of my country and my people."

 Today, in my father's Tanah-Air, his fears have come true.  Allahyarham Usman Awang's lament  ..

 ...... returns to haunt us again.

The shameful and shabby shenanigans of  Malay leadership - past and present -  only serves to prove George Santayana's (1863-1952) quote :

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it.

We are becoming or have become a condemned race.

When the longest serving 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia gave his blessings for the Chinese/Indian-dominated Bersih 4, and their agenda  ...

...... then indeed we are condemned.  I fear for the lower-income Malays living in the kampung and on the margins of cities like KL, JB , Ipoh and Pulau Pinang.  All, if not a majority of them have been loyal to UMNO and all its leaders.

When Bill Clinton was asked if  he smoked marijuana, he confessed he experimented with it, but he did not inhale!  I suppose our 4th Prime Minister could also declare that he did not participate in Bersih 4, he only visited the site after it was over.

Tomorrow is the 58th anniversary of Malaya's independence.  What independence?  Whose independence?

Osman, our road sweeper friend said to me. "Alah Kak.  Merdeka apa ni?  Merdeka kepala otak!"

Indeed  'Man - tis only Merdeka for those who are using their kepala otak - for selling their  bangsa down the river.

I'm done with spitting at the sky.


Anonymous said...

If you think Najib taking in 26 billion in own account without satisfactory explanation is OK and accepting his excuses of blaming the non Malay again, I felt sorry for Malay as a race which is destined to be doomed under UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Salam Marm...since you have linked your former student's post ,may I ask one question. Which is more condemning?

"The shameful and shabby shenanigans of Malay leadership - past and present"... as what many Rakyats see as being practiced to the max by the present leadership.
or because all other options are closed by the might and powers of the present leadership.

(Excuse me for my bad English)

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog from time to time for quite sometime. Pls write a book or compile some of your posts into a book pls.

Warm Regards,


Anonymous said...

Who will be that last anak melayu? Najib! To my mind.

anak si-hamid said...

To Anonymous 30 Aug 3.52.

Where, in any of my postings do I consider "Najib taking in 26 billion ...... without satisfactory explanation is OK?

Where, do I "accept his excuses of blaming non Malay again"? Also, this is the first time I'm hearing that Najib is blaming the non-Malays. Perhaps you are privy to information that we are not aware of or maybe, as a non-Malay, you carry a guilty conscience??

Finally, spare us your crocodile tears. Get back to your lair.

anak si-hamid said...

Salam wak.

Firstly your English is fine and in the future do not apologise for 'mistakes' when you have to express yourself in a language which is not your own.

But you do have a problem with comprehension, English comprehension. I'm a bit perplexed with part of your comment. What's the connection between condemning "Malay leadership past and present" and upbraiding Rockybru's posting?

Anyway if all "options are closed" in this country there would be no ...
a. Bersih 1, 2, 3, 4, and we can expect more channels for the Opposition in Bersih 5, 6, 7, 8 in the future.

b. active and vocal Opposition Party

c. healthy and vociferous voices of dissent (from local and foreign sources) on the internet and social media.

d. mainstream papers like The Malay Mail, The Star, Harakah and so on

Wak, if you want to look at the "might and powers" of "leadership" I suggest you should Look South.

anak si-hamid said...

Dear Shahida,

Bless you and thank you for the kind thoughts.

Maybe, one day I might work at your suggestion - InsyaAllah.

anak si-hamid said...

To 30 August 0859

The last anak Melayu .... ? Najib? You must be losing your marbles.

It won't be the elite, the aristocracy, or the bourgeois Malay either.

I'll put my money on the long-suffering Malays like Osman and Aisha - our husband-and-wife road sweeper friends. I'm also certain they will take with them the stray cats as well.

Anonymous said...

You clearly don't get the irony inherent in your own words:

"I fear for the lower-income Malays living in the kampung and on the margins of cities like KL, JB, Ipoh and Pulau Pinang. All, if not a majority of them have been loyal to UMNO and all its leaders."

And that is precisely why they are still lower-income Malays (nothing wrong with kampung2, by the way; I'm from one myself.)

And the billions that were supposed to be used for their benefit nestle in the crooked pockets of the Umno nouveau riche, (the riche being purely financial, not spiritual of course), now led by the lanun bugis himself.

Good & virtuous Muslim leaders, every one.


Anonymous said...

Salam Ash,

I am upset and angry at Mahathir's betrayal to our bangsa, agama, dan tanahair. I can accept my relative and even my former friends going to join the chinese and indian rabbles in the city. But an icon of Kemelayuan which I have always admire to do the same. It breaks my heart to see videos of him and his wife freely mixing with those pendatang and race traitors. What message does he send to the majority Melayu sitting on the fence?!

I see the attitudes of the young Malays or even Malays my age and I fear the sun is setting upon us. They think it is cool to hang out with subversive elements, homosexuals, socialists, liberals, and wear vendetta masks. They think it is healthy to mix with the other races that dont know their place.

Hang Tuah will ultimately be prove wrong no thanks to these ungrateful lupa diri Malays. Melayu akan hilang di dunia ini.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Anon 31 Aug 10.16,

I do "get the irony inherent " in my words, in the two sentences you quoted. After all, I wrote them with the intent of being ironic!

As for my stand on the poor and deprived, whether they are in the kampung or urban fringes, look up my previous posting "Atap Genting, Atap Rumbia" from 1 June 2013

anak si-hamid said...

Salam and thank you Anon 31 Aug 11.15

I know how you feel about the action of Malaysia's longest-serving 4th Prime Minister.

I have great respect for him and he played a big role in my youth as an undergrad in Singapore University in the 1960s, as a member of a Malay minority group that is looked down upon by the Chinese majority. Look up my posting "Baju Kurung" from 2 Feb 2009 where I recall how Dr Mahathir became my hero. But now ..... must admit I'm heart-broken.

But please remember, we Malays are a gentle, tolerant and kind people. Don't get too rabidly fierce with those groups you mentioned. Live and let live. Let's respect one another's sensitivities and boundary. We must demonstrate our Malay dignity and pride by example and good deeds. InsyaAllah as a people we shall thrive