Sunday, 19 July 2015

Another Hari Raya

On 1 Syawal  as we celebrate Hari Raya it is worthwhile to re-connect with what Ramadan was all about.  To quote Shaykh Sadullah Khan ( 30.6.2015) :  As we undertake the physical and spiritual responsibility of fasting in the blessed month of Ramadan, we reflect on the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who said :  "Your practice of faith will not be correct unless your actions are correct, and your actions will not be considered correct unless your heart is correct."

A "correct heart" I think will find room to ponder on matters that rise above and beyond our personal needs and wants for salvation and success in this world and the hereafter.

Firstly, where are our hearts in recalling the 2014 (July to late August) attack on Gaza by the Israelis?

Israeli army reservist officer in a Jerusalem cafe wearing a T-shirt referring to the Israeli forces' operations in Gaza. From Mail Online 13 Aug 2014 

Aftermath of an Israeli Armed Forces "Operation" in Gaza last year.

"Home sweet home" in Gaza after the Israeli forces left.

Compassion fatigue??

That should not be part of the Muslim's vocabulary.  Especially during Ramadan when we are supposed to  feel empathy with the poor and hungry of the world, where is our belas kasihan  
and Sedekah  for this forsaken land and people?

Please, please do not repeat this rejoinder from worshippers at a surau in Johor during the attacks on Bosnian Muslims by Christian Serbs (1992-1994): "This is God's punishment on them because they are not good Muslims!"

Here's a little snippet on how Gazans prepare for Ramadan.  It bears comparison to the forgotten flood victims in Kelantan.

Secondly, closer to home.    Malaysia is a rich nation, compared to many Third World countries. Bangla Deshis, Indonesians, Cambodians, Nepalis, Vietnamese, Sri Lankans, Myanmarese, and Indians flock to Malaysia for employment and sometimes settlement (legal or illegal).

Why then - seven months after the devastation of the east coast by the floods of December 2014 - are these victims still homeless, still living like the flotsam and jetsam after the floods?

No, this is not a Poster for "Visit Malaysia Year"  - it's a family, victims of last year's floods,  berbuka puasa in their tent.

As for the 80,000 who attended the PM's Open House,  the 30,000 guests of the DPM and the 20,000 at the Johor ruler's palace, how do you fancy a visit to this family to wish them Selamat Hari Raya?

This neglect is CRIMINAL!    Shame on you Malaysia!

I wonder, if this catastrophe had occurred in the plush and wealthy parts of Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown or Johor Baru, would the picture, seven months later. be the same??

How many committee meetings and ceramahs would it take to bring an end to this ignominy?

On this 2015 Hari Raya, nothing rhymes.

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