Sunday 15 September 2013

A Special, Special Posting for Lely

Five more hours before we leave our house.  Just 30 minutes ago I received an e-mail from Lely, asking me to go to her Photoblog.

And this was what this wonderful, courageous young lady gave to us before our long journey.

( The spouse is known as George Rollmop to Lely.   "Rollmop" means pickled herring in some European language or other.)

If you can find the time look at Lely's photo postings before January 2012.  She's a very talented amateur photographer, and she produced some really stunning photo collections before she suffered a stroke which almost took her life two years ago.

She was supposed to start her full recovery a year ago when the surgeon was expected to cover the 2 to 3 inch square hole in her skull.  She was quite devastated when they could not do so because the clot in the brain had not cleared.

It was back to square one for this plucky lass but such is her desire to move on with her life that she has pushed herself for more therapy, acupuncture and massage treatment .  Everyday she gets herself off her wheelchair to exercise and walk for 45 minutes !!

And such is her sense of humour that she has given herself a new name - Wobbly.

Today she gave us the best gift for this year and next year and all our next years because she made her first attempt at photo blogging since her stroke - using just her one good hand - her right hand.

I cannot bear to write more - I'm writing this with tears in my eyes because her courage and her love is just so overwhelming.  She was just 14 and I was a 'strapping' 31 when I started teaching her in Jurong Secondary School.  I'm now touching 70 and we three - Lely, me, and the spouse who has happily adopted her as  his troublemaker niece - have gone a long way since, with much shared happiness, and many wonderful experiences.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. 

I pray that this November's appointment with the Consultant will bear good news.  But whatever turns up - Lely will still be the same - loving and brave and cheerful.  

Remember Lely, we will always be there for you.

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You will  get there Lely - to Leicester, to New Zealand and even to Setiawangsa - InsyaAllah.

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