Thursday 30 May 2013

A Cancellation.

I regret to say that I have decided to cancel my last posting  "Lim Kit Siang, Malaysian Insider, The Economist" - because of problems to do with writing styles in journalism.  This posting referred to economist/

On re-reading the posting I realize an error  in Part (a)  'On the issue of UMNO turning GE13 into a nasty and divisive campaign'  when I stated that Clara Chooi did not attribute her Para 2 to The Economist.  For this I offer my apologies.

However, I take the stand that sentences and phrases in the same para 2, extracted verbatim from The Economist, should be within quotation marks.  Nevertheless I may face dissent and  confrontation from some quarters because that might be acceptable in the realm of modern journalism.

I hold firmly to this view because I was taught and I also taught my students that any inclusion of words and sentences that are not your own should be within quotation marks.  Any deviation from this could be seen as plagiarism.

To spare myself any hassle I have thought it best to delete this posting.

But this I must emphasise.     My second thoughts certainly do not apply to the rest of my posting regarding (b) The reference to the Chinese Tsunami,  (c) Mr Anwar Ibrahim and Mr Najib ,  the hatchet job on UMNO and the Malays, and The Economist's propensity to diminish the one Muslim country that is peaceful, strongly multi racial and not a failed state or a basket case.

More so with my piece on how able Malays must learn how to deal with such negative portrayals from home and abroad.

To my readers who have read this posting and written very thoughtful comments, I can only offer my apologies and a big thank you.

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Fight For Malaysia said...

When Obama won the US he did say something about working together with the republicans. Its what all winners say. But nobody really believes it. Obama cannot get any laws passed because the republican will always reject it when it come to their turns to vote on it.
So it is with us. Najib just have to say the right thing about reconcialiation when in reality there is nothing to reconcile about. This is a fight for Malaysia. The Chinese Lim Kit Siang is part of China hegemony
Make no mistake if LKS wins he will bring over millions of communist chinese just like the Chinese govt of singapore brough over 1 million communist chinese to their small island.

How many more chinese can fit in bigger malaysia?

But as a PR all leaders say the right thing in public.