Monday 12 March 2012

'Oh come all ye faithful'

On Saturday 25 February, the spouse was walking to the local pharmacy at Setiawangsa for a pack of Panadol. We were flying back to Singapore on the 26th to look in on Lely at the Hospital before we departed for Leicester on 7 March and plane journeys always give the both of us headaches.

As he walked past the football field he heard a Malay young man, not a young boy,  yelling 'Kafir' at him!  I taught the spouse to use the word 'pengecut' (coward) the next time this happens.  But Iain just shrugged his shoulders and said, "What's the point?"

The day before, I was walking past Ali Maju Restaurant when this poster caught my eye.

This is certainly one way that Malay-Muslims should not score, so the youngsters have been warned.  But there's hope.  This other poster near Diva's restaurant at Jalan Bukit Setiawangsa is telling Malay-Muslims how - for both children and adults!!

They do say 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions'.

Back in Leicester - Saturday 10 March.  Just after suboh on Saturday morning I heard  the distant sound of a reading from the Quran.  Could it be a radio - not in Leicester and in my neighbourhood?

I looked out of the window and there was this young man, an African, humming softly the holy words as he walked serenely along a road in this Kafir city.

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The Pumkiner said...

You go to sekolah orang Kafir, you become kafir.

You use fork and spoon for eating, you become kafir.

You use English in your doa, you become kafir.

You are not a Malay, you kafir.

You can't think beyond this, you kafir.

It is my right to call any one kafir.

Semua kafir.

I am devine.

Never knew that I am a (pathetic) poet.