Saturday 6 August 2011

Hope in Young Muslims - Sanum Ghafoor

About two years ago in Leicester, the spouse was walking behind two Muslim girls, elegantly dressed in their black outfit and the hijab (not the burka).  They were happily chatting in strong Leicester accent and if you close your eyes you would think they were two white Leicester lasses.

Then he heard this sentence,  "Y'know what the f.......  d....h....  said ?"  The spouse was astounded,  two primly dressed Muslim girls talking exactly like Leicester's white working class!  So what??

Tonight pickledherring was chatting to me about how shocked  Mary ( her mother) was on hearing her daughter's and son's language of frustration and anger.  "Where did you two learn to speak all this 'cakap kotor?  I was never like this when I was your age."  Now, Mary and I were born in the same year  and she would be aghast at the language ( Malay, English, Hokkien, Punjabi, Tamil and a little French)  I use when I'm coping with selfish, irresponsible, egoistic, arrogant, stupid and insane drivers and motor-cyclists  on KL roads.  Even the spouse was amazed at his wife's colourful vocabulary.  He has stopped saying, "Now, now!" - and now just rolls his eyes upwards and looks into the far distance.

But back to Muslim girls in Britain.  There is  this lively, brilliant girl from London, Sanum Ghafoor.  Her twitter on  "....blame the Muslims",  in the wake of the massacre in Norway by Anders Breivik (a  Christian, blond and blue-eyed Norwegian), gives Muslims a powerful tool on how to tackle Islamophobia - using irony and sarcasm instead of the usual defensive stances and outlandish, irrational rantings at everything non-Islam.


This 19-year old undergraduate is an excellent example of how you can be integrated into a Western environment without losing your religious and cultural identity.  Kudos to her wit and courage.  Here's a screamingly funny presentation of the life of a Muslim in Britain.  She goes for both  Muslims and non-Muslims.  It's such a refreshing change when a Muslim, and a young woman at that, can laugh at her own fellow Muslims and still manage to expose the ignorance of non-Muslims.

Here's a video on 'You know you're a Muslim when .......'

And another humorous and thoughtful video on 'The Language of War'

Thank God for this brave young Muslim ..... woman.


Wan Sharif said...

Nice one.. love that ethnic cleansing and collateral damage explanation.. just show how powerful one who control the media can be..

bekoo said...

What a wonderful find! Where did you find her? I wish she speaks slower though.. I have to listen very carefully.. She should be a lawyer. Salam Ma le com.
:) b

ph said...

Bekooo ?? Very rare to see you here.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Wan Sharif,

This also shows how this 19 year old puts her mind to better use than many of our highly educated professors, lecturers, teachers and undergrad/postgrad students.

anak si-hamid said...


Nice to see you here. I'm afraid that's the way young people speak in e.g London - very fast. But never mind, she has a lot of intelligent stuff to talk about. compared to the rubbish you hear on our TV from the pretty boys and girls - mostly airheads,

I was reading up about Anders Breivik when her name cropped up - what a great find.

No, she should not be a lawyer - it's a waste of her intelligence and courage - when you look at the antics of lawyers today.

And kamsia dear girl.

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you ph.

As Uncle would say, "Now, now!!"

bekoo said...

Ms Hamid,
As a Lawyer, she can fight for the people's right. She is very articulate - how many of us can express what we mean and in a way that makes people listen? Anyway, my best wishes to Ms Sanum Ghafoor.
PH: I have to do some work on a sunday and after working i went in to check ASH Blog and lo and behold - what an interesting find.. had it not been a sunday, it wud hv taken me ages to find time to click and listen to this young lady - mind you, i hv to listen twice bcuz she was speaking so fast!! My hearing was a bit slow.
Kawai 5-0 Club, :)