Friday 24 December 2010

T O O T !!!!!!!

This is for me the most exciting sound in the world.  The train was just taking a deep slow breath before it puffed on  its way with a  fanfare of  "toot".  This little ditty I learned when I was a Girl Guide served to remind me of the glory of a moving train.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, ( say this slowly)
Cheese and biscuits, cheese and biscuits, cheese and biscuits(you say this bit a little faster)
Beef and carrots, beef and carrots, beef and carrots,   (and even faster like a train picking up speed)
Fish and chips, fish and chips, fish and chips,  (and with a huffing motion)
Soouupp!  ( and off she goes on the track into the horizon)

(And thank you Mr Bojangles for correcting my toot to soup)

I  taught this 'activity'  in my English Language classes and it  never failed to revive the sleepyheads.
My sister's grandchildren loved this too although the poor parents were driven cuckoo by the loud echoes of "soouupp"  in their cars.

And here is my ticket - the last one - of my journey from Singapura to Kuala Lumpur. 

The Glorious Engine  6561

The Beginning of the End

The man holding the job I yearned for

Lots more to tell - later.


Airaasia RM1 said...

For the story on how Mahathir give two 737 worth RM400 million for RM1 to Fernandez please go the blog

Why did Mahathir give a complete airline for 1 ringgit to this Indian?

Is it a case of from one Indian to another?

Surely MACC can investigate Airasia sale of RM1.

Stirling Rd said...

Dear AsH
Discovered yr blog recently and I can relate with that image (Heavy on my mind). Dreamy and invoke a lonely world only the boy & the cat share. Thought it was a potrait/drawing until I came across yr n3 - Heavy on my mind.
Subhanallah. When I was a kid (yg yatim) I help mum hantar kueh kat kedai. I felt kind of alienated being a kid in an adult world. But you know what, the patrons was always jovial and made me laugh, maybe there's pity anyway I don't feel it (being young). Allah is the Most compassionate.
So the next time if anybody come across a lonely, sad little figure. Lift the poor dear spirit with encouragement (and a doa too). Pls pls dont show any sadness or pity.

Wan Sharif said...

So you are now in KL?..
Take care..

Sri Utami Dewi said... brings back wonderful memories of my time with my late mother. Back then she buys indonesian garments from Singapore to be sold in KL. I would beg for Mama to let me follow her on her trips to Singapore because I just love the train rides..back and forth.

Funny thing is..I found out that my late grandfather was a Train Master back in Indonesia.

And now my 7 year old son just loves his Thomas Train replicas..

It's the Toot-Toot that just brings me happy memories! :)

Just love the sound!! Toot-toot! Here I go..

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Airaasia RM1,

Thank you . But I'm a bit puzzled. Is this meant for another blogsite?

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Stirling Road,

I'm afraid I've given you a long reply. Typical teacher eh?

anak si-hamid said...


Thank you. I remembered how Indonesian batik was a prized buy in Singapore. What a shame you could not travel with your mum on the train.

Be a good girl and take your son for a proper train ride - to enjoy the genuine toot toot!!

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you Wan Sharif,

Yes, the bad pennies are back. We had a wonderful time in Singapore.
By the way, have you been to the Island republic?

Mr Bojangles said...


Ours was

Bread and butter,3,4 xs
Fish and Chips, (ditto)

anak si-hamid said...

Of course Mr Bojangles, you are very, very , very right.


Blame it on a decrepit old brain and too much toot, toot tooting on KTM. I shall now correct it.

(Darn it, darn it. How could I be so amiss!! Silly cow )

The next time you catch me out you shall get one year's supply of tooting whistles.

And thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Airasia RM1

You're just polluting this blog. Nothing personal but if you were a reader of this would know better than to try and bring in doesn't matter whose !

If I were you AsH I would just delete this comment. The writer should just keep the puke to himself/herself or any other relevant blog !