Thursday 15 April 2010

Whimping and Poring

The English, with their barmy sense of humour described the invasion by the Vikings in the year 800 as a series of laping and rooting (raping and looting).
The title of this posting is a take on the circus of April 23rd which, in other words refers to "Pimping and Whoreing". with Blair as the Ringmaster.

This much-advertised event is organised by the National Achievers Congress (NAC) under the auspices of Success Resources International (SRI). SRI is Asia's largest Seminar Company with its headquarters in Singapore. The CEO is Richard Tan. In 2003 the Singapore Government acknowledged Mr Tan's entrepreneurial savvy by awarding him the prestigious Phoenix Award - given to only one successful entrepreneur from Singapore each year.

The National Achievers Congress (NAC) started in 1992, a clone of SRI. It is "an assembly of world-class experts to help ordinary persons achieve outstanding results in a highly competitive global market. NAC started with a need to assemble world-class experts and professionals in one location to learn, discuss and advance breakthroughs in business competencies to vast audiences at a very affordable price".

In other words, a Congress for leading wealth consultants and serial entrepreneurs to share, at a price, their tricks of the trade and the rituals for worshipping Mammon. It's easy to see where Blair fits in.

Just as a matter of interest, here are the lists of Sponsors of the Event
in both Malaysia and Singapore - the proverbial Three Monkeys who see, speak and hear no Evil.

The Press Release by the NAC and SRI described MahaGuru Blair as a 'respected and admired world leader', and 'one of the best speakers in business today, offering in-depth analysis and approach to the opportunities that lie ahead'. How true. Blair is the Sifu of Opportunism!

However, there is a deafening silence, a self-imposed censorship on Blair's record as a war-monger at best and a War Criminal at worst. His and Bush's culpability in the Iraq War that killed and maimed innocent civilians and turned Iraq into rubble needs no further embellishment. They are there on record - except for the NAC and SRI.

NOT ONE WORD ON IRAQ. Not even a hint or a sniff.

It is like writing a Curriculum Vitae on Hitler without mentioning the killing of the Jews, the Gypsies,the homosexuals, and the mentally ill.

This is what I would like to communicate to Blair.

(Poster drawn by the Spouse)


Anonymous said...

Other than SRI, what I would like to know is WHO or WHAT are the people in NAC ?
The Bliar will be happy to come, its those who invited him that are the monkeys.


Awang Goneng said...

Blair as the sifu of high achievers and what else? He couldn't present a convinciong case for war in Iraq, so he made his cronies plagiarise an old PhD thesis to show that Saddam had WMDs. His hangers on faked reports about Iraq's capability for attack in 45 minutes, he lied about his runaway flight to the West Indies when he was a young man, he became a catholic after he'd opened the way for mass killings in Iraq, and then, a couple of weeks ago, he made firemen rush to his house because he and wife Cherie, another high achiever, burnt their toasts.
Go here:

Beware people who worship Mammon, as you say, and crow about this high-achieving nonsense. Feel sorry for those sheeple who queue up with wads of money to learn at the master's feet.

His New Labour fakery will soon die in the coming elections. What a mess, what a man!

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you.
Let's just call this a gathering of vultures. There's the old saying: Birds of a feather.......

anak si-hamid said...

Thank you AG. What's this story about his flight to the West Indies? Was this the early beginnings of mooching free holidays?

Just think, he's so steeped in both branches of Christianity they might canonise him. St. Tony?Howszat???

Awang Goneng said...

Oh, the flight to the West Indies. That was in the beginning of his faking and fibbing career. [Blair was a CND-supporting MP, once, remember?] He told stories about flying as a stowaway to the West Indies. A clear fib that all could see through. And then he said he remembered seeing Jackie Milburn play for Newcastle United. Milburn retired from football when young Blair was still only 4! And as for his stowawaying to the West Indies from Newcastle as a young boy, this is what Independent columnist Bruce Anderson (not a man I'd want to have a cup of tea with) had to say: "at the time he claimed to have been a stowaway, he would have been lucky to find a Newcastle plane flying as far as London."

So there you are. As you say, soon the Pope will have to canonize him, and then they'll be praying at the Church of St Botolph and St Bliar.

So queue up people! Make yourself and your children high-achievers and get all those greedy-geegaws from our Middle East peacemaker extraordinaire (and a paid-up member of Labour Friends of Israel too). And a heigh-ho and a hey nonny no!


What lies will this sanctioned murderer tell his Kuala Lumpur audience?

Perhaps his KL audience and sponsors are suckers who love to be told lies!

Or maybe they don't know that this liar had not dared to face his accusers at home that he has to sell his wares to the suckers here in Malaysia.

This is a report from London's Express newspaper:

"FAMILIES of British servicemen killed in Iraq reacted with fury when a “cowardly” Tony Blair sneaked into the inquiry via the backdoor.

They accused him of deceit after he slipped into the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster, past hundreds of protesters armed with placards and chanting “Jail Tony”, “Murderer” and “Blair lied”.

As he prepared to leave after his evidence to Sir John Chilcot, he was booed by members of the 40 families inside.

One of them, Sarah Chapman, who lost her brother Sergeant Bob O’Connor, 38, after a Hercules plane was gunned down in 2005 shouted “you’re a liar and a murderer”.

Mrs Chapman, who broke down in tears after her outburst, said: “Blair would not look at the crowd. People think it is only the soldiers who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, but I have suffered from it too.”

The audience also described him as “the finest actor in the West End” after the hearing. Harry Robinson, 74, from Nottingham said: “People arrived because they were troubled by what’s gone on, but Blair was acting all the time.”

Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon was killed on active service five years ago sat feet away from the former prime minister. “I felt sick,” she said. “He seemed to be shaking as well, which I am pleased about – the eyes of all the families were on him.

“He had a smirk on his face which has made the families very angry.”

A furious father walked out of a room where families were watching a monitor. He left after an hour calling it a “complete waste of time”.

Outside, protesters listened as names of civilians and soldiers killed in the conflict were read out. Theresa Evans, whose son Lance Bombardier Llywelyn Evans, 24, was one of the first to be killed, said she was disgusted by Mr Blair’s “lies”."

Sadly the minds of many Malaysians, the so-called achievers, are still colonised.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Only those with the heart of poodles tend to adore Blair the butcher of Baghdad.

Prof Awe Kecik

Anonymous said...

Here we are talking of dispicable act of British Soldiers , killing innocent civilian at Batang Kali and a red carpet treatment to the very man who ordered bombing of innocent Iraqi who died by hundred of thousands....shame on you

Rasputin Beliong said...

'nuf said about the glib-of-tongue bLIAR. But where do we place people who conspire with the US of A in bullying Iran out of the nuclear power balance in the Middle East, thus condemning the fate of the Palestinians for good?

tamingsari said...

Blair the Liar choose to clear his smeared name by going overseas to indulge in further lies.The ex P.Minister is himself a weapon of mass destruction.Thousands of soldiers,civilians and the innocents died,not to mention the hearts of those who mourns the passing of loved ones. All this happened because he lied. A very deadly lie.'The most unkindest cut of them all'.

His presence in the country would serve no purpose other than to remind us of his identical twin Mr.Bush and their belligerent policies.He is a free man today because of the very same policy.

To the team of sponsors I say jolly good show mate.Go learn the fine art of lying and be a better liar yourselves.

mekyam said...

hi desperate-to-achieve malaysians willing to pay good money to listen to this big D,

i heard lil dumb d [dubya to those who know him well] would love to stutter to ya about how to achieve the same mammon status just by sheer being born gagging a dirty silver spoon. it's the idiot's alternative to the snakeoil-yerself-to-instant-wealth method of his pal tony.

but unlike grasping tony, d is to the cash born. so he'd probably PAY YOU to give him a listen. do call already! :D

atanjamilselamat said...

last i heard malaysia is a free country ..... we do what we please until we break the law. otherwise nobody can say anything about us. and if we want to pay good money to hear what mahaguru blair has to say .. .who is he to say otherwise. unless he can prove that mr blair is a convicted terrorist or whatever, he better keep his idea to himself .. he is no better when he was in power .... let not dictate what free malaysian want to do and go or ways they spend their money.....

Tamerlane said...

this is malaysia, after 50 years of merdeka, we still kiss the white mans feet. we call them sir even though they are tukang sapu, murderer, toilet cleaner in their country. We cant blame tony because his ambition in life is to become a fullbreed american lapdog. Fetch tony fetch!

Anonymous said...

Go after the sponsors Mr Tan of Singapore before they step on Malaysian soil.

anak si-hamid said...

There is such a thing as a Trade Descriptions Act. Any imported product that is deceptively packaged should not be allowed into the country.
That is certainly the case in Mr Blair's Britain.

atanjamilselamat said...

as i said , if we can prove that mr blair is a "deceptively packaged" , "felon" , "terrorist" or whatever you want to call him , get rid of him the moment he touch down BUT we should never dictate others to do things our way ! others have brain too and they can think as well just like the rest of us. What make us better that the rest! if we believes strongly in our "ideals" , do something about it ... burn his effigy, protest, go on a hunger strike or whatever but make sure that our behaviours are within the law .. like everybody else . for our ex-pm (remember what most of us called him then?) who is he to bad-mouth mr blair? ... in my book, dr m is worst than mr blair (in Malaysian context that is!) .... could this just his frustration of not being paid 1 million RM to speak in his own country?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see Borders, NTV 7 in list of sponsors.

How do these things work? Did they contract the sponsorship without knowing Blair amongst speakers and unable now to get out of it?

These things, like the Coco-Cola boycott, are difficult in today's globalised world when our lives and work are closely entwined. How much control and influence does one have?

We can only take action as appropriate to our circumstances and conscience.

The program itself, "National Achievers' Congress", is a hoax. What value can it add to anyone, other than teaching one to be an arty farty hoaxer like Mr Blair?

Dr Mahathir's stand, on the grounds of peaceful world is an enlightening one, and is what makes him an outstanding international statesman.

Edward G.Robinson said...


You are the only person who has the right to condemn or belittle Tun M because you have contributed more to this country than him.

By the way Humphrey Bogart is neither a hero nor a villain. Just a good actor not worth remembering.

Charles said...

Correct "Whimping and Poring"

"National Achievers Congress (NAC) under the auspices of Success Resources International (SRI). SRI is Asia's largest Seminar Company with its headquarters in Singapore."

Don't expect businesses to be principled when it comes to an opportunity to make money. As they say in business - "money talks, bullshit walks"

What did Tony Blair achieve in business anyway that he should merit such a dubious "honor"

Anonymous said...

Can we please understand once and for all that the Iraq war was a necessary one, to oust Saddam because of the threat he poses to his people and the region. If not for the miscalculation by the allies in not sealing the borders during the war, Iraq would have been a success much earlier and then everyone will have nothing to say, period.

Anonymous said...

Iraq yesterday,,,,Iran Tomorrow & malaysia will help USA crush Iran.


& we are in it together.

1Msia+1USA = fren fren mahh


Anonymous said...

and murderer Najib is allowed to still lead our country and give talks?

Anonymous said...

Can we please understand once and for all that the Iraq war was a necessary one, to oust Saddam because of the threat he poses to his people and the region

no you moron. he was ousted to destablised the region |7 to drive up oul prices & to steal iraqi oiL.

next stop |Iran

Anonymous said...

The People behing SRI are the same kaki dengan Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins. They are the people who bring in speakers that says it is ok to speculate in the forex. It is ok to leverage your investment on property as long as it is cash positive that lead to the subprime crisis. It is ok to manipulate the stock market and make money as long as somebody else pays the price tag....

Yup....why dont you check out their records on past speakers.... They have been bringing in Vampire squids into asia along with american/western style of making money out of nothing, no need to produce product or services just arbritate and make money on stupid asian governments who are either sleeping or corrupted....

Have fun checking them out coz I was told that even Tun refuse to be their speaker and in turn they bring in war criminal to speak to low can you go? After all Mr. Richard Tan (the owner) a Singaporean dont owe any loyalty to Malaysia lah... they allow Israel to use their base what..

Keturunan Jebat

jitraguy said...

I found this through rocky bru's page.. and I started a facebook grouping here!/group.php?gid=106815939360189

Anonymous said...

there is only ONE MAHAGURU maaa...

that is Dr Henry Kisinger...the idol, ideologue, guru extraordinaire, mentor to none other ....Dr Mahathir Mohamed....since 1968 la bro....

he can be contacted at Kissinger Associates.....or ask the direct number from Dr M himself....

ini Blair sapa?


anak si-hamid said...

PLEASE: You are free to state your opinion in this blog.
But any comments that resort to vulgar and obscene language, be it in English, Malay, Chinese or Tamil will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

How can a person, responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people, sleep at night?

Lied thru his bloody teeth to justify a resultant genocide, has the temerity to globe trot, laughing all the way to the bank.

What a stupid question I ask.

Animals sleep soundly.

Peace said...

Freddie Kevin, that bloody Blair is way way below the animals. There's no way he can be on the same level as them.

BlairSupporter said...

There are many sad and ignorant comments here. You really should not swallow the anti-Blair British press's lies about Tony Blair. Their reasons? They hate him because the Conservatives were beaten at three elections by him. It had never been done before. If the right-wing party, the Conservatives had been in power instead of Blair they would have done exactly as he did as regards Iraq.

If you want to see a less biased side of the story of this great politician, please visit my site.

He brought peace in Northern Ireland after centuries of terrorism between Catholics and Protestants. In Kosovo he stopped the mass ethnic cleansing of Muslims. In Sierra Leone he banished rebel murderers without any help from America or any other country. His country, my country, Britain is multi-ethnic. Some of us are now beginning to question the extent of this immigration now as people come to Britain and take advantage of our social security system and our liberal laws. But Blair never did any of this sort of questioning. Perhaps he should have. He has never been in any way racist. Anyway, your minds are probably made up that he is somehow evil. He is not. He is a good man.

Please stop these personal attacks on him. Whatever he did, it was a political decision, not with 'murder' in mind. Most of the deaths in Iraq were and still are Muslim upon Muslim - suicide car bombers by so-called religious fundamentalists, in case you have forgotten.

There is so much I could write about the lies about Tony Blair, but my website is a comprehensive source.

Recent post:

flyer168 said...

How about this link...

Blair lies again in Commons....

Ofcourse, he also has his "Masters/Brothers" to answer to...Does it help?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for inviting us to visit your blog but I will decline your offer.

What you said about the Conservatives does not merit consideration as it is pure conjecture.

There is nothing personal in condemning liars with intent and committing murder when proven beyond doubt.

Merriam Websters dictionary: Murder-the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought.

Yes, it is a one sided view. Solely and wholely on that dastardly decision to declare an unlawful war and invade Iraq, based on manufactured and deliberate dis/misinformation. A decision, knowingly, that innocents will die.Collateral!?

Even the late Robin Cook, his own Labour member, House of Commons leader and former Foreign Secretary resigned in protest.

This you should know, being British.

You should have also smelled, with Cook's resignation, the shit Blair was peddling.

As you said, it was a political decision.....based on lies and deception, which he knew to be so.

I observed all the sabre rattling.

All the "evidence" being presented on both sides of the Atlantic.

At the UN security council, the amateurish and laughable CG mobile laboratory for WMD, was my favourite.

They could have done a better job and wag the dog by engaging James Cameron.

While it may be true that he may have done all those noble deeds, was it done by lying the general citizenry in the UK?

"There is so much I could write about the Tony Blair lies, AND the world wide web is a comprehensive source."

Anonymous said...

Blair is a bloody liar.Good riddance to this white man.Hu hu,burning his toast n made firemen rush to rescue him n Cherie!My 9yr old daughter often burn her toast n once the toaster too caught fire.