Thursday 12 November 2009

Your Song Will Fill The Air (CsH)

We spent 5 days in Singapore over the weekend. It was such a memorable trip to my old hunting ground in Singapore - all made possible by the incredible generosity and warmth of Oi Bek and Lely, the graciousness of Rukhsana, and the hospitality of Jailani who made our stay so comfortable even though he was thousands of miles away in Mecca.

This trip to memory lane was made even more meaningful because I could share it with my brother Mus. Can you imagine the joy of the two of us wandering about our old Pasir Panjang English School?

But all these stories shall come later when I've gathered my notes and photographs.

Right now, before anything else this is for my gorgeous but mad ex-students.

Jailani in his flat. May Allah bless you on your journey to the Holy Land.

The lovely but wild lot and Teacher.
Oi Bek, Din, Rukh and Lely

See ya later.


sicKo^ said...

i've seen some of the photos in sunnyside up blog and i believe u guys journey is an amazing one

imsunnysideup said...


yes sicko....that was a journey of a life time for us. It was nostalgic and poignant at times....I have not touched on the 'nostalgia' bit in my blog.

Rockybru said...

Din? Ah, oh yeah, that's me!
And just got back from sunysideup. Prolific!

ph said...

Din made us all look very petite.

anak si-hamid said...

Din, did you see what ph wrote? Petite? Huh!!
If they're petite, you're a big grizzly bear.

Rockybru said...

PH, it must be some special effect amateur photographers like you are so fond of employing to make you look petite. Beat working out and dieting anytime, kan? :-)

ph said...

My Darlin Din, you're the special effect.