Monday 8 September 2008

Monday Morning Coming Down -8 Sept 2008 (CsH)

My late brother, Akim used to play Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Morning Coming Down" on Sundays; sprawled in front of his super-duper hifi set during the 70s. I could hear it from my bedroom and shared such sleepy Sundays with him. I still look after his Wharfedale Speakers, huge in comparison to today's miniscule versions. They're about 15ins x 24 ins and weigh a ton! But the sound they produce makes your heartbeat roar and your spirit soar. They have travelled with me wherever I go - it's just like him keeping me company all the time. His Thorens turntable is now being looked after by his and my nephew Shah, the one he used to call 'the little tyke'. That little rascal (he's now 32) ,when he was about 5 poked his smutty fingers at his Uncle's favourite AR speakers and almost brought tears to Akim's eyes.

That is quite a long introduction to my title because this Monday morning, I woke up and decided I must start a blog where I can put down my thoughts on paper(?) and stop them from keeping me awake. So good luck to me as I venture into the ether and the never-never.

With a handshake from my spouse (very, very English) and with best wishes for my new adventure, Hamid's daughter shall set sail in her prahu.

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manamanu said...


Yes i remember the finger-in-the-speaker-cone incident. Iremember Akim (bless his soul) running to his bedroom not knowing whether to scream, cry, jump !

And the tyke with that 'did i do anything wrong ' look ! Terrible as it was, it sounds hilarious now - to me at least.

Remember how he would come back from work, and quietly smuggled in his new hi-fi component and Mak was none the wiser until I innocently blurted out on how the set is sounding better... ooppss.

Better stop before i turn this into my blog !!